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Posted : 30 Jan ,2019 by    [email protected]



While on vacation in Princess Hotels in December 2018, we were approached by a guy offering a tour of the resort and free t-shirts. He took us upstairs and we had to sign saying we would listen to a presentation. So much for the tour?! An hour turned into 4 hours.

The sales persons in the hotels are really scammer, they ask you to bring your ID and credit cards with you before coming to the sales office. Because they don't want you leave without paying. And they will tell you that we don't need to see the number on the credit card, they just need to see the credit card logo to get commission. It is totally scam.

First we sat down with sales person. To make a long story short, some of the points is they showed us this limo that you supposedly get picked up in when you travel, not true, you take a bus like everyone else. They take you to this room with jacuzzi, living room, the works and promise you will always get this sort of room or BETTER. When I called to book they told me it's a regular room, but not to worry becasue it's a 5 star hotel (still not what they showed us during the sales presentation).

And we really regret that we spent most of our vacation quality time in the sales office. And left with signing the contract. But the 2nd day after, I just came back to the office and ask for cancellation, but they told me it is not possible to cancel it. what a scamming company? As we know that it is legal to cancel it in 5 business days in Mexico. But the sales person told me it is not possible.

It's cheaper to book the same room/vacation directly yourself than through Royal Holiday. They'll tell you everything is booked. They will make all kinds of promises during the sales pitch, then after you sign none of those promises are true. THen you find out you signed a clause in the contract stating that all verbal statements are not valid unless in writing. (which by law is misrepresentation) I refuse to pay the annual fee!!! Looking for other "members" to join forces and start a class action lawsuit! Put it this way, if you don't pay your membership fees you can use the money for a good lawyer! has anyone had any success in cancelling? I even complained to Better Business Bureau, but don't seem to be getting anywhere.... They are SO unethical!

I filed a fraud case with MasterCard demonstrating a pattern of misrepresentation with the accounts posted on different Internet sites. I found out more by researching a lot of sites. I believe the thing that helped me the most was reacting fast. If you are becoming aware you too are a victim of this fraud, use the support of others though the Internet. I was strengthened knowing I was not alone, others had gotten results, and others were being warned not to fall for this.

The most helpful group is a yahoo group: [email protected]

If royal holiday club claim that it is a normal and good business, why they are scared when customers want to cancel the membership? They always threaten customers to collection agent if they don't pay the membership on time.


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