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Rodney Keith Walker, Orlando, Florida


Posted : 24 Sep ,2014 by    user7956



Besides being a registered child sex predator in Fla Walker is also scamming folks on the net and over the phone via Motor Club of America ....

he is a blatant liar on everything .... his excuse claiming he wasn't accused of sexually abusing children in Florida is typical Walker claiming it's a lie "because I'm successful"

Here is Walker's MCA photoshopping venture:

Rodney Walker - $100,000.00 In 6 Months W/ MCA Real Proof !!!

REALLY WALKER? Not according what you admitted publicly:

MCA thread --

1/2 way down ... here comes Rodney Walker:

02-28-2013, 10:51 PM
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Re: MCA vs. NMC
Well, its the end of the second month of the year 2013, and I've already made $37,000 with MCA. That's more than millions of people make in a year on a job. I started MCA about 8 months ago. My last 2 direct deposits were $7000, paid every Friday morning. Its almost Friday again, and my pay will be another $5,300.


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Re: MCA vs. NMC
Originally Posted by bibleman
Semantics. You didn't answer my question. WHO are you targeting through your attraction marketing strategy?
Any and every living human being that's over the age of 18 and live in the USA or Canada. Everything i do is to market to people of all walks of life. I just put the info out their, prove to them what I'm making, and God does the rest.


03-11-2013, 11:32 PM
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Re: MCA vs. NMC
I photoshop sometimes . I have to downgrade my proof of income because when people see u make 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 thousand every Friday they thinks its a scam. So I photoshop my real income to 1,200 or so makes the non believers hopeful. So sad


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  Oct 3, 2014 By     old_sheriff_mi

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I am retired police officer in the state of Michigan, and I would like to provide some information regarding Rodney Keith Walker. I personally know Rodney Walker as he is friends with my son, and have spoken in great lengths about the things that are being posted online regarding his past. I'd like to start off by saying to everyone, Rodney is not a child molester, and in my opinion, I do not believe he is even a sex offender (rapist) or whatever term you would like to use. Please stop spreading lies about him , as he does have children who will one day not only have to see these awful lies, but his children will have to deal with the people in their schools that may read these lies about their father. I believe Rodney just got caught up in a bad situation with an unstable woman. I've told Rodney that he needs to express to the world what truly happened, that way no matter what stones these people throw, he doesn't have to worry about it anymore, but that's his decision.

Before I express my feelings regarding Rodney, I would like to touch basis on some cold hard facts.

Rodney plead no contest to a misdemeanor (NON FELONY) case back in 2002, over 10 years ago. Why are people out here wasting their life talking about a case from a decade ago? Although women are raped, and children are molested, the sad thing is, people use the sex offender list which is unconstitutional, as many people are on the list for crimes they did not deserve to receive. Did you know you can be on the sex offender list just for simply being viewed urinating in an alley? Lies and rumors are being spread that he served 2 years in jail (prison) and is heading back to jail for violating probation. That information is absolutely false. Rodney was sentenced to 1 year in jail by Judge Archie Brown, who quickly changed his mind and reduced the sentenced to 60 days in jail, and he was released after 42 days (Good Behavior). He also served 3 years of probation which he completed in 2005. Rodney has not been in any trouble every since being released from probation, so these lies people are spreading are terrible.

Rodney Keith Walker court case out of Washtenaw County is : 011448-FC . He plead no contest to Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree (NON FELONY). So, he's not even a felon. If Rodney had sexual contact with children as they claim, then he would have to register as a sexual predator based on Florida Law (where he lives), not a sexual offender.

Please review the facts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 4th Degree in the state of Michigan (NON FELONY)

If anyone is to view the flyer on the Florida sex offender web site, you will see the charge.


The so called victim in Rodney's case, was actually almost 10 years older than Rodney and had been arrested previously for prostitution in Jackson, MI. They met at a bar in Ypsilanti, MI, where she invited him home after 2am when the bar closed. Based on what was explained to me, and based on documents that I was able to obtain from the preliminary exam, I believe Rodney is 100% innocent. The court system will put much fear in people to take plea bargains, (especially back then because the sex offender list was just building up) that way they can close doors on a case and move on to the next. Although Rodney had a great attorney who was against a plea bargain, he took a plea out of fear he said, because he didn't want to take a risk of ending up in prison for life for a crime he didn't commit. For years, men have been doing 10 to 30 years in prison for rapes and murders they did not commit, and then they are released because of DNA evidence.

Rodney say's he didn't want to take the risk, which I understand. He was originally charged with 1st DEGREE CSC (FELONY) which carries life, yet the prosecutor offers him a plea bargain of 4th DEGREE (NON FELONY), skipping over the charges of 2ND DEGREE CSC (FELONY) & 3RD DEGREE CSC (FELONY). They just wanted him to bite, (Fishing as it's called) and that's what happen. By accepting a 4th Degree charge (NON FELONY), unfortunately that got him placed on the sex offender list. I don't know about you, but I don't know to many rapist that allow the victim to leave the home to go get condoms, so that she can return to the home so that he could rape her with protection. Sadly, this is information admitted by the victim.

Rodney plead guilty to coercion, which basically means talking someone into an act that they wish not to be a part of. This was a horrible case, and sadly, many people are on this sex offender list that do not belong on there (including Rodney Walker) . I truly feel bad for him and the lies people are spreading. It shows how much evil we have in our world.

So why Rodney? Many people have thrown stones at Rodney regarding his past, bring up his sex offender status on YouTube, Facebook, and and other websites. Rodney is a very successful business man, and family man who has 3 great kids. It's a shame, that the only reason all of this information is coming out, is because he's become very successful working from home. Had he not become successful, no one would care. He said he's never had any problems with neighbors, or anyone regarding his past until he started working with his home based business.

After doing much research, It's quite clear that the man known as Mitch Becker is behind all of these lies. This person has information dating back to years ago of slandering people's names, and he has mental issues. Although I've done an investigation of where Bradley (His Real Name) lives, I don't want to see Rodney get into any trouble so I've reframed from sharing this info with him. He has harrased Rodney and called his phone for over a year now, he talks bad about him daily, and purposely is trying to slander Rodney's name with Google by using forums to spread lies. He even calls people's homes daily to try and slander Rodney's name. How can anyone trust in this person who lives his life to slander someone he doesn't know, month after month, year after year?

Stoping this person Mitch Becker sadly would be quite hard, because Rodney is the victim in Florida, and Mitch Becker lives in Austin Texas. Rodney even filed charges against a Mathew Mcmills who is also in a home based business for extortion and even with much evidence, the state attorney chose not to prosecute Matthew because again this Mathew also lives in Austin Texas. People keep trying to extort money from Rodney with threats of spreading his status in hopes of gaining money, and that is truly sickning. Matthew put up a video on YouTube regarding Rodney's case, and tried to extort over $10,000 from him to take down the video.

Please do not allow these horrible people to convince you that Rodney is this child predator, because he isn't, and sadly people could read that information and try to do harm to Rodney, or his family. I've advised Rodney that no matter what, to protect himself and his family because this Mitch Becker person is truly spreading lies about him. Rodney's safety is the only reason I'm taking time out of my night to write this. Stop using the sex offender list ladies and gentlemen to judge people, because what your doing, is exactly what they planned for you to do (Build hate in the world without knowing one's situation).

If anyone wants to verify the court case, you should contact the Ann Arbor Circuit Court in Washtenaw Michigan.

Rodney has done an excellent job turning his life around from not being able to get a job because of this bad situation, to becoming one of the best at his craft. God will continue to bless you Rodney Walker, and just know your success will only get greater as God will pay you back over and over again for the evil wicked ways of the Un-Godly.

  Aug 21, 2016 By     Cheriewhite

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I am Rodney's victim and I will tell you this old_sherrif_mi Your friend was not honest with you about anything. Now as for my record Rodney's attorney was good and the reason why the didnt bring up the fact that court records stated I had a prostitution charge is because the court's put the wrong charge on me which should have been disorderly conduct but because I had another charge for fighting it was hard to change it in the system. However it was documented in the system the wrong charge was given to me. And that is court record in Jackson Mich. When I was a teen and young adult I fought alot which lead to my crimial record and I have been nothing but honest about it. But let's make this clear don't make excuses for him being a rapist. Bet he didn't tell you his mom came to my home before sentencing beging me and trying to bribe me not to testify did he? They used all types of methods to try and silence me but I told the truth

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