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Rodney Keith Walker, Orlando, Florida


Posted : 21 Aug ,2016 by    Cheriewhite



Rodney Keith Walker is a registered sex offender who forced himself on me and plead guilty and was convicted. I thought this was behind me then I come across YouTube videos where he speaks on the assault againts me 15yrs later, and calls me a liar. I then come on this site to see a post a so called friend with the police department saying he believes him and talks about my criminal background as to say I'm a criminal so don't belive he raped her. Well to clear up the rumors I was a prostitute I wasn't! The wrong charge was put on me and it was corrected in the system. I was arrested for disorderly conduct. A neighborhood and I was in a verbal altercation and the police were called and when I went to court the original charge had prostitution and when I went before the judge he agreed that was the wrong charge put in the record's and noted it as such. All this is court records That's why Rodney's attorney didn't use that as a defense to help his client! He didn't even mention it. I don't want to go in to much detail about my assault because I may have to find an attorney to take on a case again against that man who sexually assaulted me.


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