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Posted : 27 Nov ,2013 by    Robbed by Gary



Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson. Theft and Fraud by use of Real Estate Deeds is very easy to accomplish, especially Transfer On Death Deeds , and even more so when used by greedy perpetrators in tricking Elders out of their property which they intended for a family member to have when they passed. Lawyers can attest to the fact that swindling a trusting Elder out of their property is a common trick often used by family members especially between siblings to self enrich themselves. The elder victim often trusts a family member especially a daughter or son more than a stranger. Matters get more interesting and complicated when a dishonest lawyer marries into the family and has his name placed on a deed and participates in the abuse of an elder and defrauds other family members. A simple piece of paper signed by the trusting elderly owner of the land can give away Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars worth of Real Estate to someone other than who he wanted the property to go to. This leaves the sibling victim to battle it out with the other siblings and the lawyer who will become part owner of the property. It becomes an impossible task for the victim sibling when he attempts to find, hire and pay his own lawyer to fight the other siblings and the lawyer with his name on the deed. He quickly finds that lawyers do not like suing other lawyers, especially in small communities. If he is able to find and hire and pay a lawyer to represent him he then discovers that it is difficult if not impossible to muster the same degree of tenacity in his lawyer that is burning within the lawyer that has his name of the deed. Not only does he lose the property, he also spends his children s college education of the lawyers of opportunity that represent themselves and not their client.
It is the opinion of the author that Iva June Fail Dedeke, and her daughter Tonia Dedeke Nelson engaged in foul play that contributed to the demise of Ivan J. Fail in a conspiracy to defraud her brother out of his land. Both June and Tonia are trained heath care providers as nurses. They had full control of the victim s medications.
When June was informed by her co-conspirator & brother Ivan Lee Fail that their brother Larry Fail had discovered the deed that placed the names of June s daughter Tonia Dedeke Nelson and her husband, Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson on the Transfer On Death Deed to $600,000 worth of Wilson County Farm Land and a Ranch Home, June rushed her father Ivan J. Fail to a rest home and issued a No Contact Order against her brother Larry Fail preventing him and his children from seeing or talking to Larry s Father. He died shortly thereafter and she had him buried within 48 Hours. A co-conspirator family member told Larry that the Funeral was in different town and the reason the funeral was so quick was because the funeral home said that is the only time that they had available. It was discovered in talking with two funeral directors and a sectary that they had an open schedule for the next week and beyond.
Could it be that June, her father s care taker and administrator of his drugs did not want Larry and her father to get together and correct the deed that she had deceived her father into signing? Could it be that she wanted her father quickly buried before Larry could get an autopsy performed on his father? June had also attempted to steal her Brother John s 360 acre home place on Memorial Day 2005. She had him sign the deed in his hospital bed. Larry was there and objected telling his father that he and Larry s mother who passed in 2000 had agreed long ago who was to get the home place as John was a Viet Nam vet. After Larry objected his father told June to cancel the deed and John would get the land. Two hours after their father passed, John recorded a Quit Claim deed giving the home place to his girl friend Patty Hon. Patty was June s High Chum. She had set up John with Patty as they were both single. How June could hate her brother Larry that much, or was it pure Greed?
Brother Ivan Lee Fail
The day we buried our dad, Ivan J. Fail on December 23, 2005 Larry Fail s Son Adam Fail asked Ivan Lee Fail the following question. Ivan, why would you not let us see Grandpa before he died. Ivan Lee answered. Well Adam, you see Larry did this to himself. He has to pay for his mistakes and bad conduct.
Adam said this not the Leavenworth Prison. Ivan Lee had worked as a prison Guard for 20 plus years. Adam then asked Ivan Lee to be more specific. Ivan Lee could offer nothing more except to say. The deed will stay as it is. Ivan was talking about the Transfer on Death Deed that gave him, his brother John and Gary and Tonia Nelson $600,000 worth of Wilson County Farm land with a Ranch Home that Ivan J. Fail & Helen B. Fail wanted Larry Fail to get. June did not want anything in her name as she had committed Medicaid fraud. There was 1100 acres of land with three sets of Buildings worth $2,000,000. There were four children that were to share in the Estate. Three got it all in a Conspiracy to defraud the fourth, Larry Fail and his Children. See the fail web site at fail fraud . com and 34 Transcripts of Tape recordings between Larry Fail and Ivan Lee Fail wherein Ivan has full knowledge that Larry was to receive his share of the land. He also had a Power of Attorney that allowed him to resolve the deed problem before Ivan J. Fail passed, and Ivan J. had told Ivan Lee prior to his death in the rest home that he wanted Larry to get the land. Ivan deceived Larry and his children into believing that he would take care of the deed so Larry would get his land. See Transcript No. 28, dated December 5, 2005
Ivan Lee Fail then stalled, lied and deceived Larry and his children until Ivan J. Fail had passed. He then engaged in a smear campaign against Larry on the internet and contacting two of Larry s lawyers threatening them in writing that their careers would suffer if they continued to represent Larry. The attorneys took Larry s money and withdrew from the case Fail v Fail that Larry had filed in 2006. Co-conspirator, and beneficiary of the fraud Leavenworth Lawyer Gary A. Nelson had also told a third lawyer that Larry had hired derogatory and demoralizing information about Larry that resulted in Wichita Liar/Lawyer Brian Grace-less defrauding Larry out of $2,500 and doing nothing. Larry later got a no collectable Judgment against Lawyer Grace-less. Larry also filed a Complaint against Lawyer Grace-less with the Kansas Disciplinary Administrator. Lawyer Grace-less has lost his liars degree, shut off his phone and closed his office. Larry received only $865.85 from the Kansas Client Protection Commission of the $2,500 he had paid Lawyer Grace-less.
For further details Google Ivan Lee Fail, Gary A. Nelson, June Dedeke, John Roy Fail, Patty Hon and read letter to Kansas Governor at w w w . fail v fail . com. 888-722-9529


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