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Chiwahwah's Lenexa Kansas


Posted : 1 Jan ,2014 by    I Own a gun



This little nasty restaurant in Lenexa,Kansas is so Filthy. I walked in, looked at a case with open gallons of ice cream to choose from and a dirty rag was sitting in one of the half filled gallon, to make matters worse, the girl working was flirting with every guy and asking for money for HERSELF! I was shocked, since I had not been waited on, "like I was going to buy anything anyway! Then, a cockroach ran over my shoe and around the counter. all of a sudden, police came in and escorted that rude girl out, apparently she stole hundreds of dollars in merchandise from a merchant a few doors down. I called the owner, he was not there, left a message of urgency to call he has yet to return any of my 10 calls. I told a friend that eats at another place in the same strip, she said the owner is a fraud. He only comes in at night to count his money. What money? no one was eating, just a lot of men looking drunk and drugged out. I am having this looks into. I recently heard they and a larger restaurant in the same strip mall, do everything they can to get "rid" of new tenants. They were full when I was there, drove by the other day and 4 stores, the "newest ones" were gone! Lying, Cheating, Bastards! I hope they all go to jail!


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  Jan 2, 2014 By     Jeffrey Smith

Attitude : Neutral

OMG...Thanks for this information. I will never go back to that place again

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