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Posted : 24 Sep ,2018 by    Twistedsack



I hired removeonlineinformation to remove my friends name from 4 cheater sites. I had numerous law firms and reputation companies including removeonlineinformation perform a search of my friend's name. They all confirmed she was only on 4 sites. I signed a money back guarantee removal in 15 days or less with removeonlineinformation. They removed the 4 sites in 23 days. Then one day later contacted me showing my friends name on 8 new cheater sites and wanted me to pay for the removal. They claimed they were posted in 2016. How could that be when so many reputable companies and removeonlineinformation performed a search 23 days previous showing my friend on only 4 sites? removeonlineinformation put these on to try and extort me for more money. I contacted removeonlineinformation to recieve my refund for their failure to deliver on the guarantee and to remove my friends name from the now 13 sites removeonlineinformation posted her on. removeonlineinformation has not made any effort to refund me or reply to my contacts. NEVER USE removeonlineinformation They are affiliated with or owned by the cheater sites.


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  Oct 25, 2018 By     Few_options

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Sorry about what happened. But NEVER give any of these web sites claiming to remove defamatory information any faith or money. I NEVER heard from one person that was ever satisfied with the result from these companies. You should have done your homework and research prior to giving these companies any money. These companies know there is really only one way that gives you a better chance of having the damaging content removed:
You must secure a Lawyer well skilled with Internet Law and personal injury. These lawyers can be expensive and the process can be quite long. The lawyer will ask you questions and conduct some research on their own. The lawyer must convince a Judge to issue a COURT ORDER to have the posts removed. This can be difficult because it requires you to appear in front of a JUDGE and testify that the material is False and it is damaging your good name. The Judge may ultimately decline to issue the order then you are back where you started.
If there is any TRUTH to the material posted then i would not even bother going to a lawyer because they must consider "THE RIGHTS OF THE POSTER" as it pertains to the Electronic Communications decency Act". Posters have RIGHTS also. Just because the material posted is hurting your good name. if it is TRUE then you have NO case or cause for action PERIOD. These web sites always lean in favor of the one who was wronged and posted the material. They are not sympathetic toward the accused cheater etc. Sometimes even if you secure a COURT ORDER TO REMOVE- the web site sometimes still will not remove the content or they will take their good old time in doing so. Either way the damage is already done by the time it has gotten to this point.
Once something appears on the Internet even if removed it is still archived somewhere. Once something is archived it can pop up 10 years down the road or even tomorrow. It would cost you a small fortune to hire a lawyer to contact every search engine, every cheater web site as well as those responsible for the archived information data. Plus you would have to have someone continually monitor the web to make sure it does not appear on line again. It would be a costly and stressful night mare for anyone. It is a terrible mess that can have severe consequences for the future. If the material is true it is possible the poster may be notified and of course then they have something to say about the issue. YOU do not want the one who POSTED the defamatory comments showing up at your COURT HEARING that would only add to your nightmare.
I know in certain cases the web master will email the person who posted the content to let them know that you are disputing the claims legally. You have no way of knowing what the person will do from that point forward especially if they have evidence you did engage in conduct that the posted on the Internet.

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