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Permanent Public Record no longer works with reputation companies in any association and all/every posted complaint will remain a permanent public record. Your submission of any/all data posted to, will become the permanent property of this site. Even in the case that a complaint(s) is true or false, this is and will always be the policy. You must agree to these terms, before using the site. is a permanent record database of/for disputes, including disputes which have been fully resolved. In order to maintain and preserve a complete record. Information posted on will NEVER be removed. By posting information on, you understand and agree that the material you post will become part of ComplaintsBureau ' permanent record and will NOT be removed, even at your request.  This site does not cooperate with any reputation repair sites. If they claim that they can bury or remove your complaint from this website, they are wrong. We do not share any data with any other sites.


Reputation Management WARNING! maintains a database of all complaints and comments registered and to ensure that reputation management companies are not able to bury or remove the names of the companies or complaints, all of the complaints have an automatic update after every 60 days.

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