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Posted : 25 Oct ,2016 by    vdavidson424



We purchased a kitten from Red Mountain Ragdolls - Shilo Sievers (Webb) on September 30, 2016.

She texted me within minutes of our picking up the kitten on the morning of the 30th telling me she treated the kitten for ear mites, when we had been conversing the night before and she said nothing. She informed me that she had taken her cats to another cattery for a couple of days while some work was being done in her apartment and said the kitten must have gotten the ear mites there.

As soon as I could get her in, I took the baby to the vet and was told not only that the ear mites had been there far longer, but also that she had ringworm!

This breeder is refusing to cooperate with us for treatment expenses and is threatening me with a lawsuit for posting reviews. From what she has told me, she has 8 adults and 3 kittens, as well as another litter of kittens someone dropped off at her door last week, all in an apartment. We are baffled as to how she failed to see the ear mites and the hair loss on the hind paw of this kitten. From what I found in my research, ringworm has an incubation period of 14-21 days, and the hair loss on the paw was significant.

I hope no one else has to go through what we are currently going through. Our household of four, with 3 other animals has been infected, as we battle to get this little baby healthy, having her quarantined in a bathroom.

I also found out this breeder claims to be "TICA Registered" on her website, but it is only her cattery name that is registered. She never signed the "code of ethics" with them and is therefore not a full TICA member, meaning I have no recourse with them. She is operating unprofessionally and unethically and, in my opinion, should not be in this business.



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