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This is the 3rd Ram truck I have owned in 4 years. I live in Dayton Ohio and have purchased all three trucks here in Dayton . All 3 trucks where over 40 thousand dollars. The current truck I own cost over 55 thousand. I do not buy cheap vehicles.
I have taken this vehicle into a licensed ram dealership multiple times to address numerous issues. Every time I take it to the service center I get pushed around with sorry excuses that the problem can not be duplicated or that I must wait till the problem becomes worse before ram corporate will do anything to solve my problems.
This is just a stall tactic. Once your truck exceeds 36 thousand miles you are screwed!
Does not matter how many times your complaint has been documented or if you purchased an extended warranty through Mopar .
I myself as it have experienced this first hand. I have issues with my front headlights melting due to getting too hot . This complaint has been documented or brought to the dealer service center attention multiple times . finally decide to take it to a different dealership who indeed tells me I should replace the front headlights but after talking to my extended warranty they will not cover it nor will Ram corporate. I contact Rand customer service assuming that somebody at Customer Service will take me as a valued customer and understand that this issue has been ongoing and absolutely help me out . I have done everything that I can do by reporting issue to the service centers I have purchased their extended warranty and contacted their customer service. They sent their field representative out and look at my headlights and told me that it look like cosmetic damage therefore they would not cover it . How could the internal parts of a headline that I cannot touch and that is completely sealed be damaged cosmetically ? Ram refuses to take ownership with this problem. They talk to you like scum and want you to spend more of your hard-earned money to pay for their defective parts .
Future buyer beware I have on three these pick up trucks like I stated before. Don't expect Rand customer service to take care of you your number to them and they will treat you the same way they've treated me . I urge you to take this in the car strong consideration when purchasing your new next vehicle . This is just one issue I could go on for days and days about multiple other issues!


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