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I got a kitten from Marilyn (Ragalong Ragdolls), which I was in complete and utter love with. I had asked to see photos of her mom and dad (numerous times) as they were not updated on her website. Marilyn kept giving excuses and only ever provided one of her dad (which took a while) I still don't have one of her mom. Just before my kitten turned 6 MONTHS of age she died a very very sudden and tragic death from a heart attack. We tried to help her and were on our way to emergency but she passed away in the car as her heart was just not strong enough. I told Marilyn what had happened, she said this NEVER happens, that all her adult cats are very healthy and get checked routinely/get ultrasounds to ensure they don't have any defects. I was never provided with these records nor the names of the vet hospitals she takes them to. She said shes only ever lost one cat to a heart attack.

She said she would get me a replacement kitten ASAP. I waited for months and months. My kitten died mid Oct 2016 and I finally called Marilyn and asked her how much longer I would have to wait in January 2017 as I was seeing her posts on her page of people thanking her for their kittens.
My friend who also ordered a kitten from her AFTER mine died was offered a kitten before me. She said I was at the bottom of the list. My husband called and she finally offered us one. I absolutely adore our new kitten (we also don't have a photo of his mom either) BUT I found out that he has a grade 2 heart murmur. Something she should have disclosed to me as she had him neutered and vets normally do a quick check/listen of the heart before putting an animal under general anesthetic. Now I worry everyday that something could happen to him as well. Today I met a woman whos parents got two radgolls from Marilyn and both kittens DIED before the age of 1. She did not go into detail as this was still obviously a very delicate subject.

DO NOT TRUST THIS BREEDER. I believe she's only init for the money and not for the love of the cats.


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