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Posted : 12 Apr ,2015 by    William Smith



verbal disagreements regarding contract/bills. Feb nearly not filled, claims past due on pmt. Intentional harassment, false claims aimed at us Tank rental/contract dispute. Verbal telephone disagreement(s) with Company, but billing would not escalate call for me to superior to voice my feelings. would not let me speak, kept interrupting and telling me "that is just the way it is". Extremely poor customer service. And no way to handle an upset customer. After pushing me to anger, finally transferred me to the owners voice mail. He did not have the courtesy to return my call. The company penalizes us for conserving energy and not using enough propane. Our level bill $60, with a $400 credit! I let it go until we did not receive our auto fill. My husband and I made multiple calls telling them our tank was extremely low (during the time the attorney general was examining this issue with propane companies). Finally filled. Now AFTER filling the tank, on 4/3/2014 I am called about being past due on the account. claims a notice was mailed in Feb raising our level bill to $190!! "Based on this year's USAGE." We won't use that much all year. That $700+ fill only averages $65 a month!!! I received no such notice and I was billed for $60.00 which is what I paid. Check was cashed to prove it. I told them I probably wouldn't have said anything about a $100 raise, but WAY MORE THAN TWICE!! That is absurd. All I expected was to keep my level bill, that is why I have LEVEL bill. Company refuses to work with me (on any level). I feel both these situations are in retaliation for my questioning their business practices. In the original dispute, I pointed out where new customers received lower lock in rates and a lower tank rental. denied it, but I still have the ad (which I DID receive in mail!). I did not file a complaint before now, because I wanted to let it go and move forward. Even with the delay in the tank fill, it is easier to not fight about it. But this level billing issue validates all of my issues with the company. I do not want to hassle about switching companies, switching tanks, even complaining to bbb and attorney general, etc. But NO ONE says I have not paid my bills. The man running a company that bears his name should be professional enough to have concern about a consumer's feelings. The voice mail message repeats over and over about how the company looks at customers like family. Another falsehood and misleading item. Level billing should be based on usage. Consumers that save energy should be rewarded not penalized. Happy customers are the best marketing tools. When we switched to Earhart, we discussed how we only use propane for heating and do not use any during summer months. These billing practices and the company's customer service need to be evaluated and re-structured. I am sad that the company I thought worked for me is attacking me.I expect a fair level bill. claims that everything has to be paid up in August (I believe it was). Well then raise it at that time to the $65 it should be. Do not tell me I am past due when I have received no notice, paid on time for the bill I received then triple my level bill and complain to me again next winter that I owe more money because I run a credit balance because of the over-billing (for propane not even used yet!!).

R.W. Earhart Company
1494 Lytle Rd, Troy, OH 45373
Phone: (937) 335-2928
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