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Posted : 23 Feb ,2014 by    Jimmy Tophson



Contracted Premier to do a shingle roof on front, and rubber roof on back of house. Signed contract 09/12/2012 with Wade Bowman. Had materials placed in driveway around 3 wks later. Calls made to # on contract (Wades cell)on what is taking so long to start. found out they went to another house by mistake. I called the home office and told I wanted to speak to someone in charge because work hasn't started and I would like for them to come get their stuff out of our yard. I was told the owner would call me...still waiting. I went out the next day and when I came home, they were on my roof working. Thought, great, we are going to get the job done. We had the roofers on our house, with flash lights till after 11:00PM. Upon checking the work we noticed it was not complete, nor was the quality of work done right. They did not do the chimney flashing with correct caulk, did not adhere EPDM nor was it seamed, shingles on front are bending up, step flashings on the dormers need sealed, the term bars were not trimmed nor were they screwed down properly, the EPDM is overlapping in the front of the roof over the shingles. On contract it states we have a 50yr warranty on the EPDM and now find out it doesn't exist. We made several calls to Wade Bowman with telling us several times that they would come and finish and several times,,, no one showed up. We did as the back of the contract states and paid another contractor (Josh Tirey Roofing) to inspect the roof. We were told the above issues existed. We thought about hiring to fix the problems and decided we would let Wade Bowman the owner correct the problems. had come to inspect the complaint on 10-27 and agreed with us that it was not complete, nor a good job. He was to come back himself with 3 of his men on 10-29 and again, he did not show. We have gone to a lawyer to ask recourse and thought about going to another contractor but we have decided we did according to contract and didn't need to do that. We have had several no shows through out this process and now it is too cold for the adhesive to adhere and a mechanical lien has been placed on house because we have not paid anything.

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  Jan 21, 2018 By     RoofMaster

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The contract was NOT signed between you and Wade Bowman. You rushed the job, then refused to let us on the property to finish the job. The roof only needed a couple of hours worth small details and it would have been completed. You refused to let us on the property, and have now been enjoying your FREE roof for almost 6 years. Businesses need to beware of scam artist consumers such as This Customer. Only truth to his review is my company started the job and was not allowed to finish. There was a lien placed on the house, and to date the customer is still enjoying his FREE roof he stole from my company.

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