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Posted : 11 Jul ,2014 by    Aaron



Over a year ago I used these people. I told them I needed to buy heart worm medication for my dogs. They said I needed to have heart worm test done before they could sell me heart worm monthly tablets. I said I had already had heart worm test done on all my dogs a couple of months ago not too far from PetVax at my old Vet clinic. They told me at PetVax if I didn't have it done at PetVax, that I had to have it done again. I said, I have the paper work proving I just had it done and told them they could even call the old vet to verify. They then told me it was a state law. I called the State of Tennessee and found out it was not true. At random I picked 10 vet clinics in the Memphis area and called them and found out what PetVax told me was not true. As long as I had proof of it or PetVax could verify it with the old vet clinic then there was no need to have heart worm test done again. I then called and talked to the office manager and she still insisted it was the law and I told her I disagreed and I had proof. They didn't like that. I then decided to get copies of all my dogs paper work and find another vet clinic and they told me what PetVax did was not right. My vet charges around $85 for yearly shots and for 6 dogs that was going to cost me close to $500 so decided to take my dogs back to PetVax only for the yearly shots and even called ahead of time. They were less expensive on shots, even though everything else is more expensive there than most vet clinics... I went there on July 7th, 2014 and checked in at the counter. It took a long time for the lady to go in the back, but when she came out she said that I was not allowed service at Petvax. I said why, because I told your office manager she was wrong about heart worm test over a year ago? She asked If I wanted to talk to the Doctor and I said yes. I went back to a room and in walked Dr. Lynn Worley who I believe to be a little rude and unprofessional. I asked why I was not allowed service and she said because I was argumentative about the heart worm test situation. I was never rude, never raised my voice and did nothing wrong to deserve this. About 8 months ago I did research and also put the word out over the Internet and actually found 6 others they did this to. I am going to reconnect with them and ask them to file complaints with the State Of Tennessee. I am also asking the State Of Tennessee to do a complete audit and find out how many more people they have done this to. If you want vet service who care more about your pets than your money and not ban you from the clinic for something that was not your fault, then go some where else, but personally I would stay away from PetVax..When this took place over a year ago, I recorded all the phone conversations I had with PetVax about this and saved the papers they gave me trying to convince me it was a state law. We already not only know quite a few people this happen to but also if you do a Google search for PetVax in Memphis, you will notice there are a lot of people banned from doing business at PetVax for questioning there way of doing business.

3650 Southwind Park Cove
Memphis, Tennessee
United States
Phone: 901-654-3110


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