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Posted : 2 Aug ,2014 by    Shawn Wells



On 8/01/14 I was on a website called to download torrent microsoft office 2013. my google chrome browser froze up and a pop-up appeared and asked if I wanted to report the issue. I clicked yes. Within a few minutes I got a call from PC Support or I should have been suspicious at that moment. They offered to resolve my issue and provide service for two years for $99.99. I figured that $99.99. for the year so not a bad deal. They promised my computer would work like new. It was only 1 year old. They showed me the error log where I could see there had been attacks. Again bells should have been ringing since the attack errors occurred just before they called me. I use malwarebytes and wondered why it hadn't prevented the attacks. After the repair that took them about 4 1/2 hrs, my computer was working fine. Didn't seem like new though. On 08/02/14 I called because I wanted google chrome to be my default web browser. I was told the technicians were busy and would call me back in one hour. After 6 hours I sent them an email but still did not get a response. They did send me an email with the copy of my purchase receipt.


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  Jan 13, 2016 By     Deezy

Attitude : Neutral

So you visited a website known for pirating music and software, admit you were there to steal a copy of Office 2013, then get upset when you get ripped off by an disreputable company? Really?

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