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Posted : 7 Jun ,2016 by    dawnbuzzard



On the 24th of May, I sent a request for money to a friend in repayment for a loan, and was unaware that sending a request results in PayPal assessing it as a business transaction. I was thus charged a fee for the transaction. I contacted PayPal and was advised that I should refund the money to my friend and have her initiate a transaction, specifying that it was a personal transaction so as to avoid charges. I was not told that they would not be cancelling the transaction or using my pending balance to do this. Instead, they withdrew money from my banking account, causing me to overdraw. I rang them and was advised that I should wait for the pending amount to go through so I would be reimbursed. I genuinely do not understand why they did not pull the money from the pending balance, as they had received the money from my friend. Once the payment went through, I was given $49.72 less than what was taken out of my account to begin with. I am absolutely outraged and traumatised by the situation. Had they been forthright in telling me that the money would be taken from my bank account as opposed to the pending balance, I would NOT have refunded the money until that pending balance went through. I'm convinced that they're just trying to get as much money out of people as possible. Their ethics leave a lot to be desired.


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