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Posted : 23 Feb ,2014 by    United44



The car rented was dirty and smelled like smoke, was not registered, inspected or insured! On the road ILLEGALLY! My first complaint pales in comparison to my second but I feel that I should mention it because it was disgusting and smelled like an ashtray!! I would have gone back in and asked for a different car but I had already waited in line for almost an hour and needed to get on the road. My second complaint is a big one! I was stopped because its registration was not current. The registration expired in July and it was September 1st. I also realized that the insurance had expired. I have rented many cars from many different companies and although some of them are not super nice none of them have ever been on the road illegally!!! I was paying 300 dollars and had to drive with the windows down and no ac because it smelled so bad!!! I tried calling multiple times and even left a message but got no call back. When I finally got through to someone I spoke to the manager who said he would take care of it when we returned it. I had to drive 2.5 hours back in it which I was not comfortable doing but I had no choice if I wanted to catch my flight. When we got back he took 100 dollars off which I found completely unacceptable but did not have time or energy to argue as I had to catch a flight. When I got back I realized that nothing had been taken off and I was charged the full amount. I contacted the corporate office and asked for a full refund. They gave me 100.00 back then but said they were giving me 140... They also offered me free rentals from them but I just wanted to be refunded and I will never rent from them again! If the car was illegal and you can not enter into a legal contract with something that is illegal that makes the contract void. I have now had to deal with this for 3 weeks and am beyond annoyed at this point!

Payless Car Rental
25340 E 78th Ave,
Denver, CO 80249-6383
(303) 342-9444


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