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Posted : 10 Oct ,2016 by    samantha



I bought a membership with Occidental Vacation Club, the next day I asked for the cancellation but they refused because I was told that i had renounced to the clause which says that I have those 5 days, so from there I found it all very strange and I started researching and found thousands of complaints and bad reviews about occidental Vacation club, and greater was my need to cancel my membership! I researched PROFECO and saw that this practice was illegal,so I did not want to risk me to lose all my money ,then i fast contacted a company dedicated to cancel timeshare memberships, called Mexican timeshare solutions , I told them my situation and they told me that like me exist many other people in the same situation or worst.. it is a whole mafia !! thank God MTS could cancel my contract and get my money back.

Never trust what they say those liars , if I had believed them and I had not moved surely i would continue giving them my money for 30 years,what a waste ! timeshare cancellation is possible, dont believe that not, be careful and stay sharp.


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