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People would be able to pay their bill if nyseg didn't charge an outrageous price. If your electric gets turned off nyseg charges $500.00. How do they get away with this??!!! It's like nyseg owns you. I'm sick of fighting with nyseg.If you move into a home that some other moved out of, nyseg charges what the previous person had. We don't get charged with what we actually use. Something actually needs to be done


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  Jan 28, 2017 By     lindalu1

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FYI, I am pretty sure that Nyseg is a public utility and as such, they are very heavily regulated at the State level. It's pretty difficult for a public utility to jack around with people's rates or be seriously dishonest about a person's bill. Just a suggestion, you may want to report your issue in detail to whatever state agency oversees the public utilities in your state... I can only speak for where I live which is Ohio, but here we have the Public Utility Commission and maybe your state also has that agency. Or try the Department of Public Service for your state. Bottom line is, if you are REALLY being ripped off, your state agency will slack the crap out of Nyseg, so it's worth looking into. PS- I work for a public utility in Ohio

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