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Posted : 15 Oct ,2018 by    Preston Lawson



I purchased an item from this company on ebay and was scammed out of a fraudulent sales tax charge. I was never provided a reciept from this transaction. I didn't even know about the additional charge added to the total, until i goy my bank statement, nearly a month later.They stalled just long enough so i couldn't do anything about it.Ohio has never had a sales tax on internet sales, unless a company has a presence in the state.This company has none in the state.I checked.I will NEVER deal with this company ever again! They are very shady in how they collect this "tax". Their ebay site doesn't even list the tax anywhere on their listings.They just trick customers into paying it by simply adding it onto the total and taking it from your bank account.I think paypal is also in on this SCAM. Do not deal with this company,if you can at all help it.They have a whole catalog of ways to rip you off! If they can't get you one way,they will use another!There are over 200 complaints on this Douchebag company,all over the internet.This should tell you something as to their credibility.People don't post complaints,unless they were a customer who has been wronged by a company.


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