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Posted : 21 Apr ,2015 by    DrEros82



I purchased the no!no! product in Nov/Dec of 2013 with the intent of giving it as a Christmas gift. I decided to try it myself. I used this product through Dec and into January 2014 with very poor results. It did not remove the hair. It burnt it down to a stubble. The buffer did not make things any smoother and was actually very irritating to the skin. When I called in to ask for a refund, I was not only convinced to keep the product, but to also order more heads for the product. The customer service rep assured me that he had very dark hair and it worked for him and I should just give it more time. Time did not make this work. I feel this is a total rip off at ANY price, but it is really painful at $300+ and then my spending more afterwards. The product does not work as advertised. The customer service rep I spoke to when I wanted to return the product convinced me to keep the unit longer because it worked so well for him. Inducements were given to keep the product longer, but it didn't make the unit work as advertised. I feel that this is a deceptive practice. It is a huge disappointment when a person spend $300 for an item that makes wonderful promises. No one like to feel that they are gullible. When I called to return the product they should have just let me return it instead of using pressure and promises to make me feel like this was really a good purchase. It does not work. It is junk at any price.

Radiancy, Inc.
40 Ramland Rd
S Ste 1, Orangeburg, NY 10962
Phone: (888) 525-7580


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