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Posted : 19 Feb ,2014 by    NONOProScam



DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY on NONO !!!!!!!!!!!For a start the official website does not allow reviews to be posted on it which says a lot. nono is no hair removal system only a hair trimming system is does not remove hairs at all it simply burns hairs to a shorter length, I read a lot of reviews and found that it didn t work much on people with thick dark hair, as I have thin blonde hair I thought it should work for me, well that was wishful thinking. so I decided I wanted to send the nono back. I phoned customer services 3 times in order to obtain my RMA number. The first time I was connected to an operator who I told I wanted to return my product he told me his system was down and then the call was coincidentally disconnected, I then phoned in twice more and both times my call was disconnected before I had even spoke to someone. an 0844 number as well, anyway to get money out you with nono!! I m very angry with how I was treated by customer services and I still do not have my RMA number. there are many other cheaper alternatives that give better results and are so much quicker. So DO NOT BUY NONO!!!!!!


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