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U.S. Beef Cincinnati Disappoints Consumers

Complaints Bureau warns consumers to be on the alert for U.S. Beef of Cincinnati door-to-door meat sellers, who convince people to order hundreds of dollars worth of meat.

There are many complaints of people getting sick from eating the meat. But Complaints Bureau says it has received more than 300 complaints in Dayton, Ohio, from folks who say the quality is bad, or that they weren't able to reach anyone, to cancel their orders.

Under law, consumers have 72 hours in which to cancel any order for $25 or more, that is made outside of a place of business, such as in your home.

The Complaints Bureau has these suggestions:

Ask for a price list or other printed information on the company and its products. There should be a location and phone number for the company.

Never pay in cash. Only pay by check or credit card.Transactions made with these, can be tracked and/or cancelled, if need be.

Ask to see licensing and vendor permits. If the seller can't produce one, call your local police department, to report the seller.

Be sure your receipt is dated.

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