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Posted : 26 Nov ,2013 by    Sarrrjz44



On September 17, 2013 I called Dell that the local repair shop found that my computer hard drive needed replaced. They charged me for hard drive, shipping and tax on order number ********* for a total of $190.14. They sent me a box to ship computer to them. The local repair shop said it appeared it was the motherboard so I contacted Dell again and was charged another $149.00 for the difference. on order number **********. They told me to make sure I marked "No" to data loss on system when I filled out the paperwork so that they would not erase my data. I did what they told me as I talked to them. When I received the box to ship computer back I took it to my local repair because I had them back up data just in case something happened in shipping and they took care of sending computer to Dell from their shop when data was backed up. *** ** picked up computer on 24 September 2013. Computer was returned 3 October 2013 and I took to local repair for dialysis and to install any programs I had installed myself such as ******* ***** and ****** ****. We noticed that they had not marked the motherboard as being replaced. I called Dell on 4 October 2013 and they said the motherboard was OK and they just replaced the hard drive so will refund me the $149.00 in 3 days. It was refunded on 8 October 2013 to my credit card. My local repair called me on 8 October 2013 to tell me that the old hard drive had been wiped and all data was gone. I called Dell and talked to ***** who was the one who said the refund would be reflected on my card. She then connected me to Tech Support about wiping the hard drive and data loss and I spoke to ****** who transferred me to customer care and I spoke to *****. He finally agreed to give me a $75.00 credit to my Visa card to compensate for data loss which is about 1/3 of what everything cost me that they wiped and that it would show up in 8-10 business days. They called a week later and said they could not refund the card because it did not work and they were trying to refund a card from 3 years ago that was used under my old name and a different bank. I explained that during all our conversations we had been using my current name and current banking information and I did not understand why they would attempt to use a 3 year old card with the wrong name. They will send me a check in 10 business days so another 2 weeks loss. When the check arrives it is in my old name and I do not have a bank branch in my town anymore and have to drive ten miles to get to my bank and don't even know if they will cash it but told them I do have my legal paperwork showing my name change and hope it will work but it will be a week before I can make the trip to cash the check. I am retired and have a brain injury so must have help with things. Today, 25 October 2013, my local repair brought my computer to my apartment and set it up for me and everything was working. However, when I started to try to open my documents that they had backed up I did not have the programs on my computer that I originally had anymore and could not open them. They did NOT replace all the items that were there when I purchased the computer, the main one I bought the computer for, ********* Office 2010. I really need this for all my research and to open and view the documents I have. I also need the ***** Acrobat Reader 9.0 Multi-Language that was there and ***** Easy CD & DVD 10.3. I also cannot find ***** and ****** in the list. Dell has been giving me the "I am sorry" attitude for 2 months and still my computer is not what I purchased and was to be restored to original condition with the new hard drive and with all my data still in tact on the old hard drive so we could retrieve it. I feel Dell has been totally incompetent in this matter and I still do not have a working computer and have spent over $300.00 for repairs and not able to use it as I need to use it because I do not have the necessary programs to do it.


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