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Posted : 8 Apr ,2015 by    Sandy Dees



I called Nationwide Insurance on 2/20/2015 to explore options to insure a vehicle that I may be interested in purchasing. The company led me to believe that I had to purchase car insurance from them effective immediately even though I did not observe the car or even meet the owners of the vehicle at that point in time. I made an arrangement with the owners to look at the car on 2/21/2015. However on the evening of 2/20/2015, the owner messaged me and informed me the car was sold. Therefore on the morning of 2/21/2015 I called Nationwide Insurance to inform them I had not purchased the vehicle and therefore did not need their services. The representative explained to me that in order to have the policy nullified I had to have proof that I never purchased the vehicle. Unfortunately, I am unable to contact the sellers and therefore cannot provide the proof that Nationwide Insurance wants. Nationwide Insurance deducted monies from my bank account for a service that was not provided, and the representative said that it will take 10 business days to receive a partial reimbursement check. This unscrupulous activity of taking money for a service that was never rendered is ludicrous. I feel that asking for proof that I did not purchase the said vehicle (A vehicle I have never seen) is just a means to take money that they are not entitled to.

Nationwide Insurance
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