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Posted : 30 Oct ,2014 by    Userg5142



Sadly I have been with nationwide insurance for several years but the accident that unfolded on September 16 2014, proved that the company ARE NOT really on their customers side like they claim. I was hit by a motorist who failed to yield(clearly the motorist was at fault and it was stated in the police report). My vehicle was totaled in the accident and although my premium includes rental car, yet nationwide took me off my rental without compensation for my totaled car. UNTOP OF THAT, they stole my wrecked vehicle. Yes they stole it; they moved it from the current location to their most convenient location without my authorization or consent while I still have valuable belongings inside the vehicle. And when I complained, they made up some stuffs and forwarded it to my residence claiming it was what they found inside the vehicle. This auto insurance company called NATIONWIDE never called to check how the victim of the accident is doing; they are so inconsiderate that they only care about the premium that you are paying them rather than your post-accident condition and recovery. Worst still, they want to pay me less than the value of my property. If you have an old property that you have upgraded to more than twice its value and you have kept it in great condition because you want to pass it down to your love one, please, DO NOT INSURE THAT PROPERTY WITH NATIONWIDE BECAUSE THEY WILL RAPE YOU OFF ITS VALUE LIKE THEY DOING ME in the event of accident. I have an old vehicle that I have modified and upgraded with brand NEW ENGINE and other accessories and I have developed a special bond with this vehicle and have kept it in great condition because I will want to pass it down someday to a love one,. But when somebody wrecked it, my insurance company; NATIONWIDE only want to pay for its dilapidated old value and totally ignoring the upgrade done even after receipts of upgrade have been forwarded to them. NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANY IS AN EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL MIND RAPIST- they know you are down when you are down, weak, melancholic, dejected and desperate from the trauma, and loss of your prized possession due to accident and that is when they systematically start RAPING YOUR MIND because they feel you have no other choice but to accept the less offer they are offering you for the value of you loss property and move on- forgetting that's the primary main reason you insured your property in the first place. Your money is all they need and if you work hard for your earnings, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE IT ON NATIONWIDE INSURANCE TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY AND IF YOU ALREADY DID, PLEASE DO NOT WASTE NO TIME TO SWITCH TO ANOTHER INSURANCE THAT WILL ATLEAST CARE, SO YOU DONT BECOME VICTIM, TWICE-FROM UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANVCE SUCH AS ACCIDENT AND FROM MENTAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL MIND RAPIST SUCH AS nationwide insurance. THEY ARE THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY IN THE NATION AND THEIR MOTTO ACTUALLY IS " Nationwide's not on your side".
THEY JUST DONT CARE and clearly they deserted me when I needed them most and they will do the same to you- THEY WILL PUSH YOU HARDER AND FARTHER TO THE CURB WHEN YOU ALREADY AT THE CURB. As of this posting, September 30 2014, its been 44 days since that accident, yet, NATIONWIDE INSURANCE has not repaired or settled me for my lost property but they were quick to stopped paying for my rental; and they are supposed to be on my side? you decide for yourself.


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