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Posted : 1 Feb ,2014 by    WineCrain



Napco Painting Contractors Inc. located at 2310 Laurel St, in Napa California, is a local Painting and Finishing company. Several years ago I did a side job for an employee at Napco named Scott Bergevin, who was an out of work musician and took up painting to make a living. Scott told me if I ever needed a job I could always call Napco since they were always hiring and looking for professional painters. Scott said Napco was forced to hire unskilled Mexican day laborers because good journeymen were hard to find. He said the owners were getting complaints about the Mexican workers doing damage to homes and businesses and even stealing items from client homes, while painting. After a few years I reached our to Napco for a job but they refused to hire me. When I reached out to Scott for advice, he pretty much threatened me. He was worried that if we worked together, I may tell his employers about his drug use and dealings on the side. I told him I would not do that but he still made me look bad to the owners so they would not hire me. I complained to the owners Joe Winograde and Jon La Field but they refused to answer. I reached our to the California Labor Board, who agreed there was cause to investigate. I told Napco I was reporting them and they still ignored me. I found out from another former employee that Scott and the owner were old friends and played in a heavy metal band back in the 1980s and that Scott sold Marijuana to Napco's owner. Which explains why they did not want me working there, for fear of exposing this issue. While my family attorney was researching the background on Napco, we found many former employees who were treated bad, threatened, and later fired. Racial discrimination seemed to be the main issue. Since they hire illegals to paint for them, they treat them bad on the job, and if they complain, they are fired. Exactly what Scott Bergevin had bragged about to me several years before. Also, there were police reports of theft on client homes and businesses by Napco employees in the past. It is time to expose what is going on at this company. Drugs and racial discrimination, oh and what about hiring illegals under the table? Lets not forget that Scott Bergevin threatened my job and made physical threats as well against me if I ever reported this! Well, if that happens, I wanted everyone in the Napa area to know what they do and what they did to me. Please help me expose this corrupt business and get State officials to properly investigate these guys and question their licenses.

Napco Painting Contractors Inc.
2310 Laurel St
Napa, California
United States
Phone: (707)255-4359


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  Feb 22, 2014 By     truthman

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Well I see that Scott is having his friends get on this message board and make me look bad and make him look good, what a joke! I also noticed today several harassing e-mail messages sent from his fat red-headed girlfriend Alice Swadner and she sent it to me from her personal address> [email protected]
I now know Scott has moved from Napa to American Canyon. I found his new address in the White Pages. Now I have no choice but to share the truth about how I got involved with Scott Bergevin in the first place. I answered a posting on Craigslist from Scott, it was in the "Men Seeking Men" section for the "SF Bay" area. We chatted on the phone and he invited me to meet him in person. When we met he told me he was a big record company executive who was going to give me a big break in business. He later took me to his truck where he asked me to perfom featio on him if I wanted the job! Per my room-mate, I recorded all of our phone calls and email from Scott. I will soon post the audio on YouTube for everyone to hear, so you know I am telling the truth! He is just trying to cover all this up! Scott Bergevin is not a record executive, he is a sexual predator who uses social media to hook up with unsuspecting victims.

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