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Mystic Moon Exotic Shorthairs- Montrose, Colorado


Posted : 29 Jun ,2016 by    Abc1234



This breeder breeds her cats incessantly to the point where the health of the kittens she sells is basically non-existent. Not only does she over breed her cats- they are raised in the tiniest trailer with no room to grow. These kittens are kept in tiny play pens the first twelve weeks of their lives. These are by far the smallest kittens I have ever seen and the conditions in which they are raised is disturbing. The life span of these cats is not long due to the fact that she barely gives them a chance to survive. I will be reporting her to the breeders association- it is unconscionable what this woman is doing. She breeds these innocent tiny kittens, sells them for a ridiculous price, and is shady throughout the whole process.


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  Jul 5, 2016 By     defg5678

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Conduct a Google search of "Theresa Hutton" (Oberloh). She is guilty of more than animal cruelty.

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