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Posted : 29 Apr ,2015 by    ZeroRoya



Be very cautions not to fall in our footsteps! Company's owner with a British accent is not an existing person. We received numerous solicitation letter from owner. But after we agreed to try their services and pay, this person vanished. Never replied to any of our email or phone call messages. An advertisement video that was emailed to us by owners" Used Subliminal Messages technology to brainwash clients; the images of companies that allegedly were working with and became very successful , were flashing on a screen and disappearing quickly before processing further and reach the conscious level. The video was designed so you cannot stop it to review. collected $350 from our account, but never provided promised service. Once we realized that neither of 2 emailed addresses that had given to received moving leads we contacted owner by email - no reply. We contacted him by phone - no reply. An Indian gentlemen with a fake name owner called us back. At first he refused to talk about this issue saying he is busy working, then he accused us of not telling the true. owner argued that he did emailed us leads and it was our problem that we did not get them. We asked owner to provide as with a proof (simply forward emails that per his argument were sent to us) owner was not able to do that - His Argument was that he has no ability to retrieve emails that are sent from his computer system. When we ask him to get his technical support team involved, he simply did not reply. This argument is going on since June. Our next step is to file a claim though court. If is a legitimate business they MUST refund our money $350.00 If this case goes to court we will be demanding to cover courts costs and late fees
827 Ridgewood Ave
Bldg 5 A, North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Phone: (732) 940-4200


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