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Posted : 21 Feb ,2014 by    Mit Patel Scam



Brought laptop in for data retrieval because I thought my hard drive was broken. The hard drive was not broken, they went ahead with the retrieval. I brought the computer in under the assumption that the hard drive was broken and that I needed a data retrieval. The store did not inform me that the hard drive was not broken before they went ahead and performed the service. I payed a fifty dollar deposit on February 2nd and the remaining 150 dollars when I picked up my laptop on February 9th. So I paid 200 dollars via my VISA credit card, to get my hard drive backed up under the assumption it was broken, instead of telling me it wasn't they did the backup, and tried to sell me on a new hard drive, labor to replace it and a new operating system, none of which I needed. When I brought this to the Citrus Park store managers attention he first attempted to test my original hard drive and after finding out that it was indeed fine he tried to give me the run around about how something could have been wrong anyway. This was not the case I took my hard drive to Apple and they tested it, they said it was 100% percent fine. Instead of answering my question about whether they should have told me my hard drive was fine he kept skirting the subject and refused to refund any money. This was much the same response I got from Mike Higgins who handles the corporate email complaints. In fact Mr. Mit Patel has not responded to my past two emails and I have them saved and can email you them if you would like.

MIT Computers
1911 E Fowler Ave,
Tampa, FL 33612-5501
Phone: (813) 514-0303
Fax: (866) 496-2803


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