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Posted : 4 Feb ,2014 by    Jay Carton



My wife purchased a computer from MIT Computers on 11/7/2013. The computer video screen wouldn't turn on after about 10 hours of use and the video drive kept trying to boot unsuccessfully, so I returned to the store to get it fixed on 12/5/2013. After leaving the computer overnight with him, I was told by the tech that the computer was going into hybernate, that he had fixed the problem, and that the computer was fine. During my holiday break, I began working with the computer again,making my second attempt to load data, and the exact same problem occurred: The computer video screen would not turn on and the video disk drive kept trying to start, but couldn't. The manager did a "free diagnostic" on the computer that he had just sold me and determined the the computer's video card didn't work properly. That meant that the computer would cost more to fix than what my wife had paid for it. The manager now refuses to refund my money, or give me a new computer of equal value. Instead, today he tried to sell me another computer. He has offered me a $100 off of another used computer that I'm sure works just as well as the first unfixable computer that my wife purchased for my birthday. Basically, this broken computer has cost me $200.00 ande about 30-35 hours of my life, and all the manager wants to do is make another sale and take more of my family's money.

MIT Computers
1911 E Fowler Ave,
Tampa, FL 33612-5501
Phone: (813) 514-0303
Fax: (866) 496-2803


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