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Mission- Balinese Kittens


Posted : 9 Aug ,2016 by    Bobsiameselover



This breeder should be shut down! Selling to the public mixed breed cats at $850 a kitten! Claiming them to be purebred when she is providing no papers for them and openly showing on her website mixed breed cats! White footed Balinese to Siamese. Snowshoes to Balinese? Not purebreed! I wish I had of known. See I have allergies. I trusted this breeder who claimed her kittens were purebred until I brought home a white footed Balinese and realized I had been taken. These are not real and if you have allergies stay away!! Plus she is doing the same with her dogs. Mixed breeds. She wouldn't let me come to get house and made me meet her at her church. I just wish I had of known. I would have paid the extra for an ethical breeder. And all the baloney about doing things for the lord! When she is just a liar!


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