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Mike Traylor - Richmond, VA


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Mike Traylor lives at 1110 Seminary Place in Richmond, VA.

Mike is an HIV-positive predatory sociopath with malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As with all persons with this affliction, his behaviors are manipulative, deceptive and extremely exploitative.

Mike claims to be HIV-negative and on PrEP. This is untrue. Mike is HIV-Positive, his Infectious Disease Specialist is Dr. James Brooks at Henrico Doctors' Hospital, and most importantly he engages in unprotected (bareback) sex without disclosing his status to his partners.

Mike is gay and cycles through his relationships with men fairly regularly & quickly. His favorite locations to target victims are Texas Beach on the James River in Richmond, and at Gold's Gym in Willow Lawn. He can easily be identified by the following physical traits:

-Bald head with pre-cancerous patches on top (he frequently wears a baseball cap)
-Poorly done cosmetic veneers which cause his teeth to appear overly white and fake
-Noticeably small head for his body's frame
-Beard & sideburns which he dyes dark black

It is very common for Mike to use the standard "idealize - devalue - discard" pattern frequently employed by those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. His mode is to target a person he profiles as a potential source of Narcissistic Supply, (at Texas Beach or Gold's or on various online hookup apps). Once the target is identified he enters the idealism or "love bombing" stage, where he will spend weeks conditioning the target with excessive proclamations of attraction, feelings of a "special bond", exciting plans for the future, etc. He will text throughout the day. Mike also follows a very predictable pattern of portraying himself as a victim by telling the target stories about the death of his parents (cries when telling, but quickly turns that story around to how they left him some money), his past failed relationships, etc. He also likes to discuss the successful people he claims to know. Eventually, tho, his relationships inevitably end with the devalue & discard.

During the relationship, it will be common for Mike to exploit the target for money, favors & sex.

As with anyone with a sociopathic disorder, extreme caution should be used when dealing with Mike. He has had this disorder since he was a child and will stop at nothing to protect himself from discovery.


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  May 17, 2018 By     DennisJ

Attitude : Agree

Ha! I dated this shit-show for a short while last year. I am not at all surprised to see someone finally call him out, just surprised someone hasn t done it sooner.

Yeah, he puts on a pretty good act as an all-around Mr. Wonderful, especially if he has you in his sights and wants something. Most pyschopaths do that they know they re not gonna get what they want being their real fucked-up selves. Ted Bundy was a hell of a nice guy, I understand. If you happen to be one of the guys he decides he wants to date , he ll go way overboard in the first few weeks and absolutely cram the nice guy routine down your throat. He s pretty good at picking up on what you want to hear, but it s a big fucking act and doesn t last long, maybe a month, maybe two. Eventually, when he catches on that you re catching on, or you unintentionally offend him by disagreeing with him, or you question one of his many lies or manipulations, or you re just not giving him the quality of attention that he craves, he will decide that he has no further use for you and will very suddenly go supernova and orchestrate a quick exit. Many times, he won t even bother with a goodbye, he ll just ghost you completely. It s just as well, because if you do get anything in the way of an explanation it ll likely just be a huge mindfuck experience. In any event, by then he s probably already lined up another sucker, has been dating him for awhile, and the cycle starts over with them.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Definitely, no question. As for the HIV, all I m gonna say is that even though I told him my status from the start, he always insisted I bareback & cum inside him. Make of that what you will.

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