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Michaela Windsor of Prescott Valley - Exposed


Posted : 22 Nov ,2014 by    gatewayblvd



Many have posted complaints about a local mother who was investigated for child abuse in Prescott Valley named Michaela Windsor. About a year and a half ago she was soliciting sex on a local website. It was understood dates would pay for her services. She was stupid enough to take pictures of herself in sexual situations and posted them on the adult date site. Here are a few of the pictures she posted. Many of them could not be posted. The selfies clearly show her involvement in these explicit actions while just shy of a divorce and raising three young children from the same apartment. It is shameful and several local men claim she had sexually transmitted diseases as a result of her actions. Please help expose her activities for the safety and mental health of her children.


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  Mar 1, 2015 By     OU812

Attitude : Agree

I know all about her.She use to go out with my bro Anthony.She was always fighting
and starting bullshit on him and cheating with other guys.Things got really bad at
the end.I've seen her at Antelope lanes on karaoke night.Most of the dudes you see
hanging out at the pool table have hit that once or twice.She's like the loosest
bitch in town with all these babies from one night stands.I'm sure shes got some
kind of disease.She's just a tramp and these pictures are old cause now she's all
fat and was seeing some bald headed dwarf who was shorter than her.#1 tramp in PV

  Nov 18, 2015 By     AZ Bowler

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She's a fat little troll so all she can do is be with a dwarf. And she married him. It's Randy from Alberson's. The dude who looks like Mini Me from Austin Powers and she changed her name to Michaela Alanis so maybe she will stop posting gross pictures of herself on the web

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