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Posted : 14 Jul ,2014 by    Abuse Reporter



I am reporting to the community about a woman named Michaela Windsor or Michaela Owens, whatever name she chooses to use at the moment, who lives at the Valley View Apartments at 3701 N Windsong here in Prescott Valley, Arizona. She is the mother of 3 children under the age of 10, the youngest is 3 years old. Several residents of the apartment have repeatedly witnessed Michaela abuse her children, and repeated lack of supervision. The police have been to her door numerous times due to situations with these kids and now it is time for Child Protective Services to investigate her. AZ CPS should look into how these children are left alone for days, as Michaela goes on various dates from men she meets on dating websites. On any given night, strange men are coming in and out of her apartment while her children run freely through the apartment streets at all hours of the night. She drinks alcohol and drugs in front of the kids all of the time and they are just running wild with no supervision. She is a divorced single mother, with her children being from other fathers, mostly one night stands who never have any contact with the children. It is time for the authorities to investigate Michaela immediately before we we see major harm to one of these children as a result of her irresponsible actions.


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  Jul 27, 2014 By     Precottlabor

Attitude : Agree

I use to live in Valley View a few years ago and kinda knew her husband, if I recall they owned a cleaning service together. He was pretty miserable living with her and they used to fight, he fathered one of the kids. After he left I recall a string of guys coming in and out of her place and she was pregnant. I saw her coming home late one night drunk off her ass and fell right at her doorstep with kids visibly sleeping on the floor in her living room. Clearly they were left alone a lot with no supervision. I was told she had her younger brothers who themselves are underage watch the kids while she was out partying. She is a regular at the Antelope Lanes Rythymz Lounge for Karaoke where you can run into any of the guys she has slept with hanging there. I'm actually suprised by now that she has gotten this far without the police arresting her driving home drunk or being evicted at V.V.

  Aug 3, 2014 By     badgers05

Attitude : Agree

just read this and nearly shit my pants cause i know all about this bitch. michaela's ex-husbands was matt and he was pretty cool. she did treat him like hell in the end and for no good reason. she use to go to PHS and was pretty much preggers when she got out. pretty much living at valley view for as long as I remember. those aprtments are for section-8 low-income housing for ghetto folks in PV with gangs break-ins drugs and tons of un-wed welfare moms with like 5 kids. michaela is like their oldest resident and I think she worked as a exterminator or some shit where she should have stopped all the cockroaches at valley view. she's the local hore that all the guys pass on to each other. she was never fit to be a parent and i'm sure child protective services will see this and investigate. i do feel sorry for her kids. don't think matt needs the headache and he's probably not sure which ones are his or not anyway. last i heard the red headed lady was going to evict michaela but i guess she is still there

  Sep 30, 2014 By     walmartsux

Attitude : Agree

If you have lived in the area then you know she goes by the name Kayla. I remember she used to work at McDonalds. She has like 10 people in and out of that apartment over the years mostly her entourage of low-life minions. Maybe if she kept her mouth and legs shut then her life wouldn't be in such a mess. I pity her(meh).

  Oct 11, 2014 By     lowrider2004

Attitude : Agree

We use to hang long ago back when she had to drive her step dad Rico's work truck to get around. Last time I saw her she was trying out for P.Valley Idol and didnt make it to finals singing lame country shit. I don't think Michaela was ever responsible enough to be a mom. She was always irresponsible and worked low paying jobs. What they said above is true she has like been in that apartment since they opened it. The place is the ghetto in this town no lie. Hate to say it like that but she is kinda the local slut around that hood. She dosen't even know who her real dad is. She tells people her dad is a Cherokee indian because she is a fan of Johnny Depp who is Cherokee. She is one of the biggest liars I have ever known its like she cant help but make shit up to cover for her drama. Those kids would be better off in foster care.

  Dec 4, 2014 By     samw

Attitude : Agree

Complaints Bureau will never post anything about your company or anyone, so that is lie on your part. Less you mean that Complaints Bureau did permitted publication of a complaint about your company, after looking and reading all the complaints about your company we see that you are the one lying here. One why would you have an employee that works for your company that has her self naked on the Complaints Bureau website for? This complaint its self can hurt your business alone. Based upon what I read about "Central Highlands Real Estate" and "Michaela Windsor" through Complaints Bureau site, I would not consider using a company like your that has dubious claims and various complaints against you. your real estate smell fishy. Frankly speaking, if your employee are dumb enough to post "naked" pictures of themselves on the internet, then they get what they deserve.

Central Highlands Real Estate LLC
8363 Florentine STE:A
Prescott Valley, Arizona
United States
Phone: 928-420-4562

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