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Michael Traylor - Richmond, VA


Posted : 14 Jan ,2018 by    TruthInspector55x



Mike Traylor lives at 1110 Seminary Place in Richmond, VA.

Mike is an HIV-positive predatory sociopath with malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As with all persons with this affliction, his behaviors are manipulative, deceptive and extremely exploitative.

Mike claims to be HIV-negative and on PrEP. This is not true. Mike is HIV-Positive, his Infectious Disease Specialist is Dr. James Brooks at Henrico Doctors' Hospital, and most importantly he engages in unprotected (bareback) sex with men without disclosing his HIV status.

Mike is gay and cycles through his relationships with men fairly regularly & quickly. His favorite locations to target victims are Texas Beach on the James River in Richmond, and at Gold's Gym in Willow Lawn. He can easily be identified by the following physical traits:

-Bald head with pre-cancerous patches on top (he frequently wears a baseball cap)
-Poorly done cosmetic veneers which cause his teeth to appear overly white and fake
-Noticeably small head for his body's frame
-Beard & sideburns which he dyes dark black

It is very common for Mike to use the standard "idealize - devalue - discard" pattern frequently employed by those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
As with anyone with a sociopathic disorder, extreme caution should be used when dealing with Mike. He has had this disorder since he was a child and will stop at nothing to protect himself from discovery.


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  Feb 28, 2018 By     eddier

Attitude : Disagree

My name is Eddie. I know Mike very well. Nothing that is written in this posting is true. Mike is one of the kindest most genuine and beautiful people I know. He is NOT HIV positive. I know this because I have personally seen his test results. This posting was clearly written by a jilted and angry ex. We are both fairly sure that we can identify the author. I have urged Mike to take legal action to identify and bring a liable suit against the author.

  Mar 1, 2018 By     eddier

Attitude : Disagree

My name is Eddie. I have known Mike for a very long time. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this post is true. The person who wrote the post is an unstable jilted ex trying to defame a kind and innocent person. If you want to discuss Mike with me, I can be reached at

  Mar 7, 2018 By     tomT

Attitude : Neutral

While I can't speak to the sociopath/Narcissist claims of the OP, I can confirm that this guy has been around Richmond FOREVER, and does have a reputation of being a 'ho. It is true that he's a fixture down at Texas Beach...I've personally seen his Speedo come off on many, many occasions, and he's not exactly alone when it happens. I mean, c'mon, we all know what the regs at Texas Beach are up to, not just sunbathing, that's for damn sure. Don't know whether he's pos or not, but I personally wouldn't want to get near his junk.

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