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Michael L. Ortman, D.D.S.


Posted : 10 Apr ,2014 by    Denise Lansdale



This creepy crook is nothing but a Douchebag of Devious Scams=D.D.S. He does nothing but, try and screw people out of money, without ever doing anything beneficial, for any of them. He does nothing but cause more problems for people, who are already having a rough time of it. Do not ever deal with this fucktard, if you can avoid doing so. Apparently, he bought his license from the state of Ohio, who cares nothing about the public, but only about the money that they recieve ,from fees. This is why we have so many Quack-Ass Doctors and Dentists around- screwing over the masses. This prick-Ortman should have his "license" taken away and he put into a psychiatric ward, where he can be watched and kept from ever hurting anyone, again.

Dr. Michael L. Ortman, D.D.S.
4224 Philadelphia Dr
Dayton, OH 45405


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