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Posted : 31 Mar ,2014 by    MyExperience



When someone hires an attorney they expect complete disclosure and honest billing practices. My experience with Michael Kennedy McIntyre and H. Victoria Smith both attorney's, who practices in field of post conviction law in Atlanta, was of complete dishonesty and fraudulent billing. If you are considering hiring a post conviction attorney read my story so you don't spend $27, 618.70 so you don't make the same mistake I made in hiring Mr. McIntyre. Mr. McIntyre was retained to obtain and review relevant documents, and to identify the appropriate course of action for a family member to receive relief for a conviction and sentence with Georgia Department of Corrections. Upon Mr. McIntyre's review he made the determination to represent my family member with the Georgia Pardons and Parole Board. To that end, Mr. McIntyre submitted a letter to the Parole Board, informing the Parole Board that his firm was retained to represent my family member's case for parole, which at that time a parole date "was not" established. In closing, Mr. McIntyre was paid the amount of $27, 618.70, failed to file a parole application, maliciously withheld information, constantly deceived me, fraudulently billed for services not performed and has been reported the State Bar of Georgia. I "would not" recommend his services and would highly recommend you secure services of another attorney. I now understand the reason why Mr. McIntyre does not accept credit cards and that is so he can take hard working people's money and not worry about charge backs for services not performed. Throughout July, August, and September 2011 Mr. McIntyre was paid $18, 143.70 to appropriately prepare and present my family member's case with the Parole Board. In late November 2011, we contacted the Parole Board and found out that my family member had already been issued a parole date in October 2011, meaning Mr. McIntyre never prepared a case that he was aptly paid to prepare. In addition, Mr. McIntyre billed us another $9, 475.00 to continue to prepare the case even after he was made aware from the Parole Board that our family member already received a parole date. Mr. McIntyre maliciously withheld this information from us until I personally notified him of the parole date being issued, without any input from his firm. It is my belief that Mr. McIntyre duplicitously withheld information regarding my family member's parole date for his own personal financial gain. This review is based upon our experience with Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates and you may experience a different result.

Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates
965 Virginia Avenue, NE
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Phone: 404-879-1515


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