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Posted : 20 Jun ,2016 by    iamherenow



Melanie Rios who is an adult actress, female adult performer or female adult entertainer is to be considered and classed as a totally and permanently condemned and rebuked racist, bigot, and skin color prejudiced person and individual. Melanie Rios was born Sara Velez Galeano on April 8, 1991, in Medellin, Colombia and later on moved with her family to Los Angeles, California. However regardless of the personal history of Melanie Rios she has been found to have hateful, nasty, disgusting, horrific, and despicable racist practices which are mostly directed towards black or African-American men whom she has great distaste towards because of their skin color being not like what she has.

Racists do not like to be classified as being vile and destructive because of the racism that they have within themselves but this is exactly who Melanie Rios is as a person. She is a low-down, abominable, wretched, contemptible, and detestable wretch because of her racially motivated and color discriminatory ways. She deserves the highest form of castigation and denouncement for being the nasty, filthy, and stinking racist that she is and Melanie Rios does indeed stink with the noxious filth of her racism and color prejudice and this piece of writing about Melanie Rios scolds, reviles her racist rottenness, and strikes out at her in a very harsh and condemning fashion for being so.

She is a cheater of a different type and of a different kind. A similar word for cheater is the word victimizer and when Melanie Rios displays her racial prejudice against those whose skin color is opposite to her own in a hateful manner by being disgusted with such individuals for the skin that they have she has just victimized these persons with her hatred and therefore must be unmasked for her revolting racist mental illness that she indeed seemingly has.


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  Jun 22, 2018 By    

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Very informative blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing. cdbeeddgakbffdba

  Oct 11, 2018 By     chauntell

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This was written by Peter James Bromfield / Peter Bromfield who is a cyberstalker from Tempe , Arizona !

PETER JAMES BROMFIELD has no life and just spend his time stalking pornstars and trolling website looking for racism
He is stalking pornstars and write all these fake posts ( you will recognize his copy past posts about pornstars and their so called racism). He is a true psycho!!

All the posts starting like this are posted by this frustrated negro who wishes he was White.
(Insert pornstars name or random white women that rejected this *****) is to be considered an evil bigot .towards African Americans or Black men.

He was charged with harassment and obviously is mentally sick ! He tried to rape a womand and was arrested!
see this article

Man charged with harassment, hot-wiring his apartment door
Christina Flint Dec 10, 1992

A State College man was arraigned before District Magistrate Clifford Yorks yesterday afternoon for allegedly harassing a local woman and hot-wiring his apartment door.

Peter James Bromfield was arraigned on two counts of harassment, two counts of harassment by communication, one count of causing or risking a catastrophe and one count of recklessly endangering another person, a spokeswoman for York s office said.

State College Bureau of Police Services officers went to speak to Bromfield, 24, of 333 Logan Ave., about a harassment complaint when they noticed that an electric cord was wired to the apartment s doorknob, police said.

The 110-volt wiring was a fire hazard and could have seriously injured or killed anyone coming in contact with the door, police said.

Bromfield said the wiring was for protection and only used to scare anyone who would come to his door, according to court records. Bromfield said he had used the system several times during the past two or three weeks.

The harassment charges were filed against Bromfield for calls he allegedly made to a local woman starting Nov. 29, according to court records. The woman also reported that Bromfield grabbed her on Saturday so he could talk to her.

Bell of Pennsylvania traced one of the alleged harassing calls to Bromfield s residence Monday. The woman reported receiving a harassing note Tuesday.

Bromfield said he made many of the calls and wrote the note, according to court records.

He is being held in Centre County Prison in lieu of $1,000 bail, according to court records. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

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