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Mayan palace


Posted : 23 Feb ,2016 by    dona meyes



Hello everyone , many years ago we boufgt a timeshare to Mayan palace from Vidanta group , after hours of high pressure during the timeshare presentation finally we acquired one, after thousands of complaints we finally decide to make the cancellation , so I would highly recommend Mexican Timeshare Solutions to anyone trying to get rid of an unwanted timeshare. My husband and I bought a timeshare with mayan palace located in Mexico , many yearsago in Puerto Vallarta and we enjoyed using it for about 8 years or so. Our annual dues kept increasing to the point where not only was it unaffordable but absolutely absurd. Mexican Timeshare Solutions took care of me from beginning to end. They demanded no money up front and they were able to break our contract with our timeshare. My husband and I are extremely happy to be free from the financial burdens and grips of an unwanted timeshare.


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