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On October 1, 2016 I picked up a Golden Retriever puppy from Florence Josephs in Bozeman, Montana. I had bought a Golden puppy from her years earlier that I dearly loved; when he died I contacted her again for another puppy. Sadly the puppy I brought home had multiple health issues; he had a heart murmur, constant diarrhea and as I was to find out after a thousand dollars of testing a liver shunt. When I asked her if this litter had been seen by a vet before she placed them up for adoption she said no. I don't know what criteria she uses for determining which litter gets examined because I know other litters had been looked at by a veterinarian. Anyway, when I notified her that my puppy had been diagnosed with an intrahepatic liver shunt she said "I'm so sorry" and I never heard another word from her. If I was a dog breeder and someone told me that one of my puppies was this sick I would have offered a total refund ($1850.00) or given them a free puppy. Instead I think Florence just hoped I was wrong about the diagnosis or that I would just disappear. I never heard another word from her. At this point I have spent $20,000 saving this dog's life; I refinanced my home and took him to UC Davis for a coil procedure which is only done in four veterinary hospitals around the country. I am cautiously optimistic that he will live a normal life. I emailed Florence after UC Davis when I felt I had a pretty idea that my dog would survive, she came back incredibly incensed that I may have impugned her reputation. Really? I would be very cautious about using this breeder. Also, I would not have returned my puppy to her because he likely would have been euthanized, but I would have liked for her to reach out with some sort of concern and offer to help make things right.


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