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Matthew Smith , BNP Paribas, London


Posted : 6 Jan ,2017 by   



Greater London area, Be careful of this filthy sick pervert called Matthew Smith that lives in Clapham / Brixton area.
Herpes, syphilles, AIDS are being spread by this disgusting walking STD asshole Matthew Smith who works at BNP Paribas London and before that JP Morgan London / Bournemouth!

Matthew Smith, in London, is the biggest liar I ve ever met!He is a compulsive lying cheater!
He's quick to play the victim in situations when he gets caught. He is an utter embarassment!
I regret the day I met his ugly lying ass.

The worst is that I was never attracted in Matt Smith, nor found him interesting.
But he lured me and forced me to get with him through his lies , deceits and manipulations.
He 's a very skilled manipulator and because of my kindness, I finally gave in to his relentless pursuit. He was pestering, harassing me, begging and pleading non stop, telling me sob stories to make me feel sorry for him.
He blackmailed me emotionnaly by threatening to kill himself if I leave ect... and thats how he trapped me.
You would think that with so much persistence, our relationship was "special" to him?
Turned out he has been lying, cheating and manipulating me since the beginning.
I found out he cheated on me with prostitutes, trannies and ladyboys he met online on sleazy prostitutes websites,dating sites and social medias (he even got a secret instagram just for soliciting sex with Asian prostitutes).

Matt smith routinely goes to the cheap brothels in Chinatown (like "londonbody2body", Asian brothel).
He has tons of secret dating profiles and social medias profiles. Matt Smith spend every waking hour online contacting and solicting prostitutes and trannies for sex.
He is so stupid he added the random hoes/prostitutes he contacted online to offer them money in exchange of sex, to his facebook , claiming they "friends". Thats how he got caught.
I met his friends and they re all fat white slobs.
He was adding lots of Asian ladyboys, and other "exotic" trannies in general.
A Thai ladyboy confirmed me he met Matthew Smith on plentyoffish,where he was pretending to be single etc...
Actually 95% of his "facebook friends" dont even know this loser, because he add random hoes and prostitutes that are selling their holes online and he is nothing more than a client sex buyer!

Matt Smith has developped "yellow fever" from being constantly rejected due to his micro penis and spotty face, now he has Asian fetish because he knows that majority of Asian are not fussy because they just want a visa/ money to live in Europe/USA!

But his depravity has no limit!
Matthew Smith from BNP Paribas even tries to groom children online and spent 6 months in Asian countries for sex tourism. He gets up to very depraved acts with children and shemales.

Matt smith has drug addiction to cocaine, lsd, ectasy and stuff dough in his filthy ass!
And watch your wallet and jewellry, because he steals money. He stole me 400 in Spain.

So if you are looking for a smelly, dirty, lying, cheating SCUMBAG attracted in little children and ladyboys, that will manipulate you, cheats on you, steal your money, and gives you aids and syphyllis, then Matthew Smith is for you!
You are warned now about this mentally sick, disgusting, liar, pervert. If I can advise you something, other than to avoid this son of a whore, that is to lock your small children and your dog too!

Here is his details
Matthew John Smith / Matt Smith
emails: matt.smith@bnpparibas , ,

Matthew Smith - OTC derivatives analyst - BNP Paribas Invetsment partners -London - LIAR - Cheater- Gay - Takes it up the ass - Thief - Sex Buyer - Child molester - Bully - Drug addict


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  Jan 24, 2017 By     Jana1234

Attitude : Disagree

Wow I'm so sorry that this guy FORCED you to get with him. Even though as you say you weren't attracted to him or found him interesting. But take responsibility for your actions. Apparently you fell in love with him, he messed with you and now instead of just walking away like a mature adult would do, you are slamming him to anybody who will listen. YOU made the decision to go out with him. NO PERSON can FORCE you to do anything. And oh, by the way I'm also VERY sorry that he gave you syphyllis and OMG- AIDS TOO??? Now you would think that the aids is really a much bigger issue than the rest of this stuff, isn't it?

  Jan 29, 2017 By     violet

Attitude : Agree


You are missing the point of this site.
It is to WARN other people of bad experiences that they may deal with if they meet /get involve with FILTHY SCUMBAGS like this guy here.

When I say that he is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR , thats because he lied to me ,and every other person he meet(women / men..or shemales since transgenders ARE his thing, obsviously) just to use them for sex or money.

He pretends to be interested in a serious relationship with EVERYONE he meets but in fact he just wants sex ( see what the Asian ladyboy says in her message "he wanted to be a relaionship with me" ...but when he got caught and I confronted him he sent me messages saying he thinks she is "gross, ugly, disguting and was never interested in her"...)
What does it shows? That he is two faced liar/hypcrite/cheater/user and a coward that lies to everyone

Oh and btw he did not just cheated on me, he cheated in every of his relationships, but this is not something I could know before he got busted.
The girl he was with before me, a fat mexican girl called Carolina Salas says he cheated on her too! Once a cheater, always a cheater ! This guy will never change!
Do you think guys you meet will tell you straight "I'm a cheater you know, do you want to go out with me?" Or " I have an sTD, AIDS".
Personnaly, had I known beforehand that he had the habit of lying , cheating, stealing, have STDs and treating like shit the women he dates, I would have RUN AWAY! I also want nothing to do with a pedophile that goes on child sex toourism or tries to groom children online !

And yes he did FORCE me to date him because he manipulated me, he kept begging and pleading me non, told me sob stories to make me feel sorry for him,played the "nice guy" and he threatened to kill himself if I reject. I'm an empathic person and I dont like hurting people , thats why I went out with him.
How many people got fooled by this kind of manipulative psycho? It's a typical case of: when you give a chance to you a person you are unattracted to because you think they got a "good heart "but they turned out to be complete piece of shit!

My experince with this guy was not an exception, he has the pattern of lying , cheating and using people either for sex or money. He gets his kicks by deliberatly infecting people with STDs.
Thats' why people need to be careful with him! Dont be his next victims!

  Jan 29, 2017 By     violet

Attitude : Agree

ALSO I DID WARN people that this guy has STDs that he doesnt disclose!

But that is to be EXPECTED from a person like that.
Come on, this guy cheats and will fuck anything : men, women, trannies and even children
He routinely visits brothels and prostitutes
A sleazy filthy creep like that is of course riddled.

You have to be a moron, to think that a sex addict, prostitutes'client would NOT have STDs!

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