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Posted : 16 Sep ,2016 by   



CUNT MAthhew Smith is a low life,sleazy creep,pathological liar, cheating scumbag,who uses prostitutes and has nasty STDs!
Matthew Smith works for BNP Paribas in London and worked for JP Morgan in London/Bournemouth. He is obsessed with Asian shemales prostitutes and child pornography!
I was with this LOSER during 4 years and found out this SCUM cheated on with Asian trannies and prostitutes!
He is so stupid he catch himself cheating! He added on facebook the trannies he met online and cheated with. I though it was suspicious he was continuously adding slanted ladyboys ,that he claimed to his "friends" but in reality he was sucking their dicks behind my back. So I contacted one of them, a Thai ladyboy that looks like a donkey and he told me he met Matt Smith on a dating site,and that he was cheating. So the mystery of the Asian ladyboys on facebook was solved, when I confronted Matt Smith he had to admit all these trannies bitches he cheated with them.
Some names? Pandora Amp, Faith Dablo,Carolina Salas, Karen Lam, Jiraporn Sangdet,Aommie Chonticha, Reem tranny,Lisa Khamprapai,Chongri Mun, Maki Takeuchi,Nan Pawanda, Jaylynn Cali,Aommie Chonticha,Lisa Khamprapai, Angie Legaspi,Queensha Luphh U, Emily Lie, bar prostitute Etha Bastari ..many more !
He saved his contacts the mail adress of Chinese brothels like "londonbody2body". Who got a brothel in his contacts? A prostitutes'client!
I googled his online alias "smithmatt007" and found many secret social medias and dating profiles he uses for contacting and soliciting sex with Asian prostitutes (instagram, facebook..) You can see his UGLY CUNTFACE everywhere online: this DOG is prowling Asian prostitutes because he cant score in real life!
Matt Smith travelled to Asian in poor shit countries just for sex tourism in Thailand, Indonesia because the whores there are very cheap. With the bald prick Christian Palfrey, they went there to have sex with little children and ladyboys. Children and trannies drive his infected tiny dick mad!
Matthew Smith got nasty STDs from the trannies or prostitutes he sleeps with!
This LOSER Matt Smith is a complete failure! He is nearly 40 years old, yet he has a shit job, no car, lives in a disgusting flatshare like a fucking rat! Matthew Smith thinks he is a stud, lol, but he has to pay ugly slanted whores for sex. He cant even afford high class escorts so he goes to cheap brothels in Chinatown/Bangkok where most of the hoes are "chicks with a dick"
This Sick bastard even stole me 400 euros in Spain to pay prostitutes! But then when you see his ugly cuntface, you can see why he has to pay tranny prostitutes: he has disguting pimples all over the face and body, chicken legs, zero muscles and yellow horseteeths! What a catch!
LOL I never found this son of a whore attractive. He kept harassing me and begging me so I had pity for him. But now that I know he is just a fucking liar, manipulator, cheater, piece of shit, thief, prostitutes client and paedophile,Im just disgusted!
So if you re looking for smelly,dirty, ugly scumbag that will just lie,cheats,steal your money then Matthew Smith is for you!
Trannies, take this SHIT!
details: name: Matthew John Smith
aliases: smithmatt007; mjsltd80; Matthew Smith BNP Paribas, Matt Smith BNP Paribas, Matthew Smith JP Morgan, Matthew John Smith LTD ,matthewsmithbnpparibas ...many more!
email: ,
location: Clapham/ Herne Bay / Bournemouth


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  Mar 19, 2017 By     violet

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THe so called "company" of this THIEF named Matthew John Smith

Matthew John Smith LTD
Registered office address
First Floor, Telecom House, 125-135 Preston Road, Brighton, England, BN1 6AF

Nature of business (SIC)

66300 - Fund management activities

This scammer is a fraud and a thief who steals money

HE is also a PEDOPHILE and PROSTITUTE ADDICT , just google "Matthew John Smith LTD"

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