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This is Mana Arshadi RN at Tarzana Hospital Labor & Delivery.
This complaint identifies me as a dangerous individual with a posted picture of me (they obviously copied from one of the social media websites or off of google images). They refer to me as Nurse Mimi which only my closest family members and friends know me as which shows this was a personal attack on me. This post is extremely harmful and for the purpose of exploiting me as a person and questions my true character. It is written so immature and quickly with no real facts to defend their wrongful statements about me. I am dealing with an ex boyfriend and the mother of his child who have tried on numerous occasions to ruin me and my life by posting awful, untrue statements, stealing my identity, attempting to open credit cards online with my information as well as stealing my credit card number and charging it for his personal gain. This is extremely damaging to my reputation as a Registered Nurse for the last 10 years of my life. Whomever posted this is doing it solely for their own personal emotional reasons. Most probably, the report has been submitted either by another employee or by my ex-boyfriend and his ex, since there is no mention of the complaining party ever being a patient at the hospital mentioned. I love my job, I love my coworkers, and I adore and love my family and friends and anyone who sees this will have a rebuttal to counteract these accusations. Lets be honest if I was beating my patients and spitting in their food I would have been long fired and out casted in my community. I respectfully request that you immediately remove this mentioned report from your website permanently. I will be taking legal action to remove this complaint and find the alleged person responsible for these false accusations and slander towards me.


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