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Lyndon Dyer, Atlanta, Georgia


Posted : 17 Apr ,2014 by    Spy911



I was seeing this man. We met through mutual friends. He talked about his wife so badly that I thought she was the most horrible woman in the world. So we started seeing each other. He was very charming and always knew what to say to make me feel better. Soon after I discovered he was seeing another woman besides me. Her name is Monica Jones. I started to realize that the wife was a victim and he was a predator. The wife called my phone one day to ask what my relationship was with her husband. I told her he was just my mechanic which was a lie but I wanted to see what type of information I could get from her. She was devastated. I told her about Monica and another woman I discovered he was seeing in Marietta. She was so hurt. I discovered that he was an undocumented alien from Montserrat. He has one son which he like abandoned to come to the states with another woman named Tina. When his wife finally left him or should I say put him out of her house he went and shacked up with the woman in Marietta. His wife is out of the country now she got a job teaching in another country. This man has made people believe that she is such a horrible person. I feel badly for the part I played in assisting him in his cheating. If I could talk to her now I would apologize. She really loved him and she tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but when she almost took her own life she sort of drew the line and let him go. Women be very aware of whom you believe. Monica threatened to kill his wifes brains out with a gun and this man continued to see this deceitful woman. The wife told me that Monica told her husband that she (the wife) was interfering with her relationship with him. Can you imagine that. They both need to be so ashamed of themselves.


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