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Posted : 10 Jul ,2014 by    Lisa G Varano



I would describe my experience as a -10, as in negative 10. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Stoyka for this morning, July 10, 2014. Before I even went in for my scheduled appointment I was told since I hadn't been to the dentist in 10 years that they would need to do a debridement and pano, which was not covered by my insurance. So, the simple cleaning and bitewings that the insurance company would pay for, obviously wasn't good enough. Even prior to ever seeing me. The Hygienist was pleasant enough, although hard to understand at times because of his accent. He continually told me how impressed he was with my teeth and was surprised having not been to the dentist in so long. (My mouth is healthy, I brush, I floss, my gums don't bleed and I have only had two cavities my entire life) He also told me, upon viewing my pano, that I had pocket depths of 5 in my upper right and left in the area of my wisdom teeth. Five is a normal depth for wisdom teeth. Next thing I know the office manager, Donna, come in to sell me an anti-biotic and/or scaling and root planing for the infection that will cause periodontal disease, as I had pocket depths of 5 in all FOUR quadrants. NOT ONCE did I see Dr. Stoyka to go over my x-rays and these findings. However, I was told I could either pay $260.00 for the antibiotic or $340.00 for the scaling and root planing. I told Donna that I would have to come back for treatment as I wasn't prepared to pay that at this time. An appointment was made for 07-31-2014. I also happen to work closely with dental practices out of the area and I mentioned this to one of my colleagues. It was suggested that I call them back and ask for a script for Periodex, which is a rinse and the old fashioned treatment for periodontal disease. Donna, politely, argued with me stating that was not what the doctor recommended. I told her that
I never saw the doctor. She said that the doctor based that on my x-rays and perio chart. I, then, asked if she would please ask the doctor for the Periodex and see what she says. I also asked about obtaining a copy of my chart and x-rays to show a dentist friend of mine out of town and Donna told me of the fee involved and time it would take to get them. No problem there. She said she would call me back with the Periodex answer. Well, she did! She called back and told me that if I wanted a second opinion that I could pay the fee and I will later receive my records and that perhaps I should find another dental care provider. I was FIRED as a patient, meerly, for asking questions and not going along with the treatment the OFFICE MANAGER PRESCRIBED. I NEVER, ONCE, saw Dr. Stoyka. Also, the nice hygienist NEVER said I needed this treatment. I told Donna that I would be right down to pay my fee for my records. I was and I did. DONNA is the most rude individual all the while maintaining her quiet, sweet as syrup voice. It is her way or the highway!!! I, certainly, wish I had read these reviews prior to making my first and last appointment with this dental practice. I wonder if there really is a Dr. Stoyka or if Donna is practicing dentistry under her name and license. Either way, I would say RUN don't walk as far and as fast as you can from this dental racket. All they want to do is give you treatment that, quite possibly, is not even necessary. You or your dental health are not their main concern, believe me. They are only in it for the money!!

Livy E Stoyka, DDS PL
4600 Manatee Ave
W, Bradenton, FL 34209
(941) 746-5033


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