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Posted : 2 Jun ,2013 by    Robert Neal



My husband found Little Angels Service Dogs on the web. Due to his PTSD he has been looking for Non-Profit organizations that would help him at no cost to evaluate his puppy & possibly train him to be a Service Dog. When my husband got in contact with Little Angels Service Dogs they scheduled him for an orientation with the dog. So we went to the orientation and the Trainer spoke with my husband about our dog) some of the qualifications they had in order for the dog to be qualified for example the dog being 12 months of age. When we had scheduled the orientation it was never asked how old the puppy was nor was the 12 month qualification in any of their information. So why is it that they scheduled a 5-Month old puppy for an orientation knowing that the puppy had to be at least 12-months of age. When the orientation was done and we'd said our thank you's we were asked to pay $45 dollars on our way out. We were never told the orientation would be $45 dollars nor did they inform us before walking us over to the orientation room. We were never given paperwork to sign that we were agreeing to pay for an orientation or anything that suggested we would pay for such a service or advice/tips. When I informed that we had never been informed that we would have to pay he said that it hadn't been the first time people thought the orientation was free. That people have gone in thinking the orientation was free, because they're a non-profit organization, and that it was common for people to think the orientation was free. When he expressed that it had been a common occurrence I couldn't help but ask why they hadn't taken that into account and begun to inform people that the orientation would cost them $45 dollars, and he said that we wasn't sure who we spoke with at the time of making the appointment, but that he would take it into consideration to speak with his employees. If this had been a common occurrence that he was aware of,why didn't they correct it many mistakes ago? Yet I was one more dog owner paying for their mistake & failure to inform the dog owner that the orientation was not free and that we would have to pay for it. I would like for Little Angels Service Dogs to inform future dog owner's that their orientation is not free. To maybe inform them over the phone that the orientation is a $45 dollar fee before scheduling, and maybe bind the dog owner with an agreement that he or she will pay the $45 after the orientation is done before the orientation begins so that both trainer and owner are in agreement of such a fee. Since my incident has not been the first time such a misunderstanding has happened, and they have failed to correct it. I feel like it is only fair to refund me the $42 dollar fee I was surprised with. I paid $42 because he said they offered military discount. I believe that once they inform the Dog Owner of their fee's before scheduling just like any other business would do they will not have this common occurrence happen again repeatedly.

Little Angels Service Dogs
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