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I've been using Dell computers for years. I LOVE Dell computers. I was thrilled when in September 2013 Dell offered a free $75 promotional gift card for Dell products/computers with the purchase of a $400 Dell gift card. I ordered the gift cards and received them soon thereafter. I was excited about an upcoming purchase as I had my eyes on the Dell XPS 12, a laptop running Windows 8 and it came with a touchscreen. On 22OCT2013 I placed my order for the XPS I badly wanted. However there was an issue. The Dell Outlet website only allows me to pay with two payment options and the laptop total was $627.26. I had two gift cards totaling $475 yet I was struggling with how to use them both. I am only one person who needed only one laptop. I don't need nor want to make two separate purchases, one purchase each per gift card. So after spending a few more minutes attempting to use the $75 gift card I gave up. I entered the $400 gift card, and the remaining balance was paid with my credit card. Dell had great customer service over the years and a quick call to their support center should take care of any problems and allow me to use the $75 on the one and only laptop I wanted. It was just past 4 AM so any sales offices were closed, it would have to wait. I received prompt confirmation that my order went through and the computer would be shipping soon. Afterwards I made my first attempt at contacting Dell for the gift card credit via Dell chat. I was told their wasn't much they could do online and that I should contact refunds to see what could be done. When I called Dell, I was first transferred to *********. She told me that I needed to use the $75 gift card at the time of purchase. My only option was send the laptop back, wait for the credit (which can take up to 31 days,) and reorder the system. Additionally, in 31 days, there may not be any of the laptops like I found on Dell Outlet. I explained to her that it was not an acceptable solution as I enjoy this laptop, I want this laptop, and currently it is my ONLY computer. I requested to speak with a supervisor and was quickly told they would not be able to help. Unfortunately ********* was right. When ** answered the phone he quickly told me he was aware of the situation and there was nothing that could be done. He echoed what was said previously, that I needed to use the $75 promotional gift card at the time of purchase. I again repeated my claim, that the entire website would not allow that. I tried repeatedly to enter both the $400 gift card and the $75 one a well. My attempts led nowhere. I spelled out the situation very simply. I was an individual with a $400 Dell gift card, a $75 Dell promotional gift card and a desire to purchase a Dell laptop online at 4AM EST. That was the time of purchase and that was in fact the time I TRIED to use the promotional gift card and it would not allow me to do so. I requested that ** take the gift card and credit $75 to my credit card. He said no. Realizing I was not going anywhere, I requested a district or regional manager. ** also declined. He said there was no one at Dell above him to help me. I don't believe its fair for me to accuse Dell of making blatant attempts at swindling customers of out their $75 promotional gift cards by not allowing them to use them online for one purchase. I will say that it is a website technicality that should be addressed.


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