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LeMichael Harris - MCA Sales Associate


Posted : 2 Jun ,2015 by    exposeddaily



Attached is a photo of the LeMichael Harris and the screen shot regarding Rodney Walker, the person he is bashing in this facebook post. ALL EMPLOYERS WHO DO A BACKGROUND CHECK ON LEMICHAEL HARRIS, NEED TO BE AWARE that LeMichael Harris is the type of person that gets jealous of people, and then wants to expose them because they are more successful than him. Like LeMichael Harris, many have slandered top sales agent Rodney Walker of MCA Roadside Assistance, to try and get rid of him because of his success. Rodney Walker is a great guy, that was lied on by a woman over 15 years ago, and has to register as a sex offender only because he plead no contest to a lessor charge that was a misdemenor, since he was facing life in prison. If someone did something so bad and it was a strong case, why would a misdemenor even be offered?
Many have slandered him even lying calling him a child molestor, in which that is far from the truth.

Rodney Walker is a family man, that has done well for himself, and only because of his success, are people bashing him regarding his past.

As you can see in the screenshot from Facebook, LeMichael Harris is not the type of person you want working for your company. Employers ask yourself a question, do you want LeMichael Harris starting problems at your company exposing other employees on Facebook for no reason? Rodney Walker is a great guy that helps lots of people in our business, and LeMichael Harris is just like the rest, slandering in hopes of earning money off of his name.

Employers ask yourself, do you want LeMichael Harris slandering your place of business when he gets mad at his boss for something he didn't like, or if he is fired? I highly doubt LeMichael Harris is exposing the other 200,000 registered sex offenders , but because he is in direct competition with Rodney Walker, he is bashing him to try and stop him. Myself, along with many others that support Rodney Walker, have had enough of the daily bashing of this man which has gone on for years.

This is just a word to everyone, we are on a mission to destroy your repetition with Employers, just as you have tried to slander Rodney Walker, who is a great guy, and helps people more than anyone in MCA. As Rodney Walker is a 6 figure earner in MCA, I hope that they continue to bless him. Rodney Walker will never have a chance at getting a job, but you DO NOT DESERVE a chance at getting a job either.

His case was over 15 years ago, and he should not have to be slandered over something thats public information because you hate to see him as a top earner in MCA. Again Employers, beware of people that will do this to people who have not done anything to them, because one day, they may do the same thing to you as an employer if they are angry at you.


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