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Posted : 7 Apr ,2015 by    Lakeit33



My camper has been plagued with multiple problems since i purchased it a year ago.some of these problems have been unresolved. I purchased a camper from Leisure Days on April 21 2014. My sales rep was Dale who also works for Leisure Days. The total purchase price for this camper was $14114.20 after taxes and fees.My complaint is that this camper is plagued with problems and even though a few have been addressed there are some that have been ignored or have not been able to be repaired properly by their staff.The month of may 2013 i was at their dealership three times because the lifting mechanism was not properly adjusted.During one of those visits they performed a recall that was not authorized by myself and it resulted in a roof leak.There have been numerous problems with interior trim falling apart and stain coming off the cabinets inside.The biggest issue i am having now is the Roof.the roof does not fit the camper properly when closed and as a result closing is very difficult.Also if your driving in the rain water will enter the camper.the main feature i liked about this camper was the Line X coating on the roof which left no seams to leak. Last fall their service manager told me they will have to replace the roof to repair the fitment issue. I asked her will my new roof have the Line X coating? she said yes. She ordered the roof and we decided to wait til this spring to replace it. April 26th 2014 i drop my camper off at Leisure days and says yes we will get right on it Monday morning.well Friday the 2nd of may i haven't heard anything so i send an E-mail asking the status of my camper.she replies to me Monday the 5TH and says The Roof We ordered does not have the Line X coating do you want me to proceed with the repair. I say no! I paid good money for this new camper And the LINE X coating was a big selling feature for me. I paid for it and i should have it.I then proceeded to inform her by E-mail that i will be taking Legal action.Over the course of a year i have Hauled this camper to leisure days six times for repairs and i have picked it up six times. I live 1 hrs drive from their location,when you do the math i have spent 24 hrs driving to that place burning my fuel with no compensation.their reply is we don't pick up campers for service,well they should for warranty repairs.i believe this camper is a lemon and may fall into one of the motor vehicle lemon laws. They were also very good about not leaving a paper trail.even when asked to provide a detailed list of repairs done they wouldn't. Because of my hours of work and their service hours of operation their service dept. was always closed when i would pick up my camper. i do however have every E-mail that i sent and received from Leisure days.


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