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Nick Tepper advertised himself as the best attorney in town, so I decided to invite him for lunch so that I could pick his brain about a legal matter. I told him that since he's $99 per hour, he could pick a place and order the equivalent amount. He suggested we go to Flaming Saddles in West Hollywood because he thought the waiters were attractive.

He ordered appetizers, steak for the main meal and 5 daiquiris while we discussed my case. He was attentive until about daiquiri number 2.5. At this point his eye starting gazing at our waiter's buttocks. He was slurring and telling me some crazy story about his hero Harvey Weinstein and how he would like to represent him.

Half way through the meal, he complained that he had overeaten and that he needed to use the restroom. He was gone for a good 20 minutes, and when he returned, he informed me that he would need to bill me extra for causing him to overeat. At this point I knew that I was dealing with a real shyster and I walked out leaving him with the bill.


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